Wits hockey’s ‘Harlem Shake’ one of the best

The Wits hockey team’s version of the popular Harlem Shake has been named as a favourite of a prominent talk-show host.

Talk radio 702’s Jenny Crwys Williams has named the hockey team’s Harlem Shake as her favourite.

The underwater hockey team had to tread water in their formal gear for about twenty seconds at a time, in order to execute the video.

Team member Nick Quarta had suggested the idea to the team. On hearing the news that 702 had mentioned the team, the chairperson of the team, Vicky Stock was ecstatic.

“We were all very excited, I received a message from a friend telling me he’d just heard that 702 had mentioned our Harlem Shake. We never thought it would ever get that far so it was really cool news,” Stock said. Stock added, “the sport is still growing in South Africa and we were all amped that the Harlem Shake got out there to expose it!”

The ‘Harlem shake’ has evolved into an internet meme that has gone viral on multiple social media platforms. The meme is in the medium of  video. The video consists of people who perform a dance to the song ‘Harlem shake’ by Baauer.

The first ‘Harlem shake’ was uploaded on February 2, 2013 by a group of students from Australia. The video was modelled from a video that was made by online blogger Filthy Frank.

The formula of executing the Harlem Shake involves making a video that is approximately 30 seconds long.

The video usually begins with one individual who dances to the song amongst a group of inattentive individuals. The bass of the song drops after about 15 seconds which results in the inattentive crowd dancing along with the individual in an enthusiastic manner.

The  ‘Harlem shake’ concept has been used politically in Egypt, Tunisia and in the United States of America.




Witsies dominate accountancy test

Wits students dominated an annual competency test for accountants by obtaining 5 of the 10 highest results nationally.


The students participated in the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) ‘Initial Test of Competence” (ITC) on Wednesday.


The test is written yearly as a prerequisite for all prospective Chartered Accountants. SAICA is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading accounting institutes and provides support services to more that 34 000 members who are Chartered Accountants and hold positions as CEOs, MDs, board directors, business owners, chief financial officers, auditors and leaders in their spheres of business operation.


Mandi Olivier, SAICA’s Senior Executive: Professional Development said in a media release:  “Most of these members operate in commerce and industry, and play a significant role in the nation’s highly dynamic business sector and economic development.”


This year the results show that 73% of the 3117 candidates who wrote the test passe, a score that has increased by 14% from last year.


Olivier said: “There continues to be a good growth in the number of African candidates writing the ITC with their proportion of the exam population increasing from 27% to 30% (933 candidates), the majority being first timers.


The Wits SRC caused some controversy on Thursday when they congratulated the top Wits students by tweeting: “#SAICABoardExams The top five are Wits students. Well done Witsies!!”


This tweet caused outrage amongst students as it was in fact incorrect.  Although five students made it into the top ten, they were not all part of the top five.


The SRC later apologized for the error.


The top ten results are as follows:


1. Shaun Brett Croock; University of Johannesburg

2. Gordon Bradley; University of Witwatersrand

3. Jithen Vadival Pillay; University of Cape Town

4. Muhammed Munshi; University of Witwatersrand

5. Steven Marc Hurwitz; University of Witwatersrand

6. Gene Amor Samuels; University of Cape Town

7. Johann Steyn; university of Johannesburg

8. Christopher Eric Guattari- Stafford; University of Cape Town

9. Martin Lawrence Richman; University of Witwatersrand

10. Kishan Govan; University of Witwatersrand

SANDF offers graduates recruitment opportunities at the Randshow

By Palesa Radebeedited

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) wants to attract the youth to the military, with their exhibition at the annual Rand show.

According to Captain Prince Tshabalala, the senior staff media Liaison at SANDF, the indoor and outdoor exhibition at the Randshow will be used as a platform to “focus on communicating the role of the national defence force and will have a number of displays showing casing military capabilities”

SANDF at a media briefing illustrated their plans to have a line-up of vehicles, aircraft and military displays and exhibits. Tshabalala said everyone interested in the defence force will get exposed to the Air force, Navy, Army and the South African Military service.

Tshabalala added the exhibition was SANDF way of presenting the various career opportunities available to matriculates, job seekers and graduates.

Major Ntsiki Mantshongo who works in the defence corporate communication department said,

“Graduates and students who are interested in the defence force should be age between 18 and 22, and should have obtained a good mark in mathematics and science in grade 12”.

Mantshong said the force is also interested in students at universities who have graduated from a variety of faculties. Though the force will be recruiting graduates for variety of faculties, they do have a preference for technical and engineering students.

“The force has a university reserved training program for students studying towards Engineering or any technical subjects. They will get offered contracts to finish their studies and pay it off by working for the Force.”

“For those interested in the Pilot training program the Air force will also be recruiting students that have maths and science level 5 and who don’t have phobias.” He said.

The exhibition will be held at the Randshow from the March 28 till the first of April.



Accountants get a new jobs portal

A new career management portal was launched in Johannesburg today with the intention of matchmaking graduates with prospective employers.

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants SAICA launched their new jobs portal in the hope that the platform will address the difficulties people experience in finding work and managing their careers in today’s tough economic circumstances. CEO Matsobane Matlwa says he hopes the facility will help bring qualified jobs seekers and businesses who seek skills together.

Career Suite is an online career and talent management platform for accounting and finance professionals and graduates.  SAICA’s Chief Information Officer Rakesh Beekum explained that subscription to Career Suite is free, and open to all accounting, audit, tax and finance professionals participating in all levels of finance and business whether they are SAICA members or not.

Beekum explained “Once you’ve registered with a Career Suite profile, you will have access to a range of career development tools.” Graduates will be able to access articles and videos on managing their career, managing talent effectively and managing their performance. They will also be able to access mentors and coaches through the portal as well as conduct competency and psychometric assessments.

The portal offers graduates the opportunity to make the maximum impact on potential employers by not only being able to upload a detailed CV but also a photo and  video. According to Beekum the portal will teach graduates how to sell themselves in 30 seconds. He said “We’ve also thought of making CV’s sexier with the formats and themes we’ve made available.”

The Career Suite portal will be available in mobile format with an application you can download on iPhone and Android operating smart phones.  An application for BlackBerry is not yet available but according to Beekum SAICA this should be available sometime in the near future.


Barnato residents want compensation for rotten food

Barnato residents want compensation for rotten food

Barnato residents signing for meal vouchers

Barnato residents sign for meal vouchers during the power outages. Photo: Emelia Motsai

Witsies staying in Barnato Hall want the university to pay for groceries they lost during recent power cuts.

The self-catering residents want compensation for the groceries and for the money they had to spend on take-aways because of the power outages in the residence.

“We didn’t expect that we would be living without electricity. We ordinarily cook not buy take-aways,” said Barnato resident Godfrey Maja

The outage happened from 15-18 March. “They literally left us to fend for ourselves for two days,” said Barnato House Committee member Tafadzwa Chagonda

“The power cut came right after I’d just brought my groceries. To watch them rot like that was sad,” said self catering resident Tshegofalo Seile.

The students said that they should be reimbursed a standard amount.

“We all get a standard amount after they have determined how much everyone lost,” said Ndumiso Duma

The WitsSRC tweeted that it is “coming from a place that says Wits University management must own up and reimburse Barnies for rotten food etc.”

Michael Kunyeto-Lambert, chairperson of the Barnato House Committee said “residence life office said it is open to negotiations but they have not told us how or when. We are concerned about how long it will take.”

Rob Sharman the Director of Campus Housing and Residence Life said that he will “engage with senior management regarding compensation for the losses incurred during the power outage.”

The residence is now running on generator power.

According to a representative of Property and Infrastructure Management Division (PIMD), a waste pipe was leaking and the water seeped into the substation causing an electrical explosion: “If everything goes well Eskom power should be restored by Thursday evening.”