Student attacked on Wits bus makes it to graduation

Student attacked on Wits bus makes it to graduation

Wits student Sisanda Msekele graduated in the Great Hall today after she was attacked on a Wits bus on Friday night and spent the weekend in hospital. 

Sisanda Msekele, a blind doctoral (PhD) student managed to make it to her Anthropology Masters graduation ceremony earlier today despite an attack on Friday night that left her in the hospital.

Msekele arrived late to the Humanities ceremony and was escorted up the Great Hall stairs and into the hall by an unidentified woman. Msekele received her degree together with her guide dog Romy, as both were cheered on by most of the auditorium. Some members of the academic procession rose from their seats to give Msekele a standing ovation as she was capped by the vice chancellor Professor Adam Habib.

STANDING TALL: Sisanda Msekele stands outside the Great Hall after her graduation despite being admitted to hospital on Friday after she was attacked on a Wits ciruit bus.

STANDING TALL: Sisanda Msekele stands outside the Great Hall after her graduation despite being admitted to hospital on Friday after she was attacked on a Wits ciruit bus. Photo: Samantha Camara.

Even those in the overflow room could be heard clapping and shouting in celebration. The applause continued for longer than usual and many were moved to tears by Msekele’s achievement. Fellow blind student Melusi Ncala, who also received his Masters degree, was cheered on by the audience when he took to the stage shortly after Msekele.

“I am feeling overwhelmed,” Msekele told Wits Vuvuzela after taking photos on the Great Hall steps with her friends and family.

Msekele was determined to attend her graduation ceremony despite the minor injuries she sustained on Friday night. She was attacked on a Wits circuit bus while on her way home. The attacker is yet to be identified but is a Wits student, according to reports.

Earlier this year, Msekele was almost left homeless when she was denied funding.  She was later given the funding she needed to register for her PhD.


Student attacked on Wits bus days before graduation

Student attacked on Wits bus days before graduation

Wits student Sisanda Msekele, who was attacked on a Wits circuit bus on Friday night, spent the weekend in Milpark hospital in Parktown, Johannesburg. Her attacker has not yet been identified, but is reportedly a fellow Wits student.

Sisanda Msekele, a blind Wits Masters student, found herself confined to a hospital bed this weekend after she was attacked by a fellow Wits student.

Msekele said the incident took place on Friday night, on a Wits bus, when she was on her way back to her residence at West Campus Village. She declined to comment further until she has recovered from her injuries.

A series of tweets yesterday from talk show host and Sunday Times columnist, Redi Thlabi, said Msekele’s attacker mocked her “dream of a PhD” which led to an argument, and the subsequent attack.

Thlabi added that Msekele had been searching for a job since the beginning of the year and was due to start tomorrow.

Msekele faced homelessness and financial problems earlier this year. She was fortunate enough to have received financial assistance from the university and the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) which allowed her to remain in residence and made it possible for her to register for her PhD.

Msekele has been in Milpark hospital since the attack and could possibly miss her graduation on Tuesday. 

Msekele is optimistic that she will be discharged from Milpark hospital tomorrow, depending on the progress of her recovery.

Wits Campus Control was not able to comment on the incident. 



REVIEW: Age of Adaline

REVIEW: Age of Adaline

Cast: Blake Lively, Harrison Ford, Michiel Huisman, Ellen Burstyn, Kathy Baker

Director:  Lee Toland Krieger

Vuvu Rating:  8/10

The Age of Adaline, directed by Lee Toland Krieger, tells the story of a woman who was born at the turn of the 20th century but ceases to age once she reaches 29 due to an accident.

“Film full of beautiful visuals and amazing performances. “

Adaline Bowman spends the rest of her existence guarding her secret agelessness and spends much of her life on the run as she tries to escape capture for medical experimentation. 

Her secret is easily kept until she meets a romantic interest, Ellis Jones, played by Dutch actor and singer Michiel Huisman.

The story is told with a mixture of scenes from the present, flashbacks from Adaline’s life and documentary -style narration explaining her condition.

Blake Lively delivers a wonderful performance as the protagonist, never overplaying the dramatic and emotional moments. She perfectly embodies the agelessness and grace of Bowman.

Both Huisman, and Harrison Ford as his father, bring interesting dynamics to the story as Bowman’s male counterparts. If you have ever wondered if Harrison Ford still has the acting chops to amaze, this film will prove that he is just as strong as ever.

Veteran actress Ellen Burstyn also gives a strong performance as Adaline’s aging daughter, Flemming. The plot does move at a slower pace than might be desired, but it allows for the complicated history of Adaline to be understood.

Overall this is film full of beautiful visuals and gripping performances but its stength comes from a great concept that has been translated into a ‘nice easy watching’ film.

REVIEW: Jurassic World

REVIEW: Jurassic World

Photo: Universal Pictures

Photo: Universal Pictures

Starring:  Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Nick Robinson, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ty Simpkins

Directed By: Colin Trevorrow

Vuvu Rating: 8/10

If you’re a fan of the original Jurassic Park films or you just want to see some unsuspecting humans get eaten by ferocious and freakily intelligent dinosaurs, then you won’t be disappointed with this latest iteration of the franchise.

Jurassic World, directed by Colin Trevorrow, shows the new and improved park featured in the previous films that has now a major tourist attraction including petting zoo, dinosaur rides and luxury hotels. Having learnt absolutely nothing from the previous experiences or movies, the powers-that-be create a bigger and “better” hybrid test tube dinosaur to attract more visitors. 

The plot is predictable and the new breed of dinosaur has a murderous appetite. Park operations manager Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) enlists the help of  velociraptor trainer and ex-navy employee, Owen (Chris Pratt) to find her missing nephews Zach (Nick Robinson), and Gray (Ty Simpkins), who are lost in the park while the killer dinosaur is on the loose. 

The scaly situation plays out in the typical style of its predecessors complete with similar shots, plot line, cliché romantic tension, and the iconic Spielbergesque sound track.

This new installment features numerous holes in the plot and little character development. Occassional humorous quips lighten the often stereotypical character portrayals but the human villains are unconvincing and flimsy with the plot failing to explore the world of the park before the chaos breaks out.

Nevertheless fans of the original movies will be thrilled to continue along this dino-journey with the velociraptor once again taking center stage and proving that size isn’t everything. What counts is the amount of teeth. 

Much like the theme park itself the main focus of the film is the dinosaurs with the rest of the film acting as a platform to showcase them through impressive CGI and animatronics.

With action packed sequences, the heroes finding ways to avoid razor -sharp teeth and claws, and terrified bystanders being mauled, thrown and eaten by the gigantic dinosaurs, you are guaranteed to be nervously munching on your popcorn.

If judged as a visually-based adventure fantasy, the movie will ensure an earth -thumping and teeth-gnashing walk down memory lane that you would expect from a Jurassic sequel.


Jozi celebrates ‘Go Skateboarding Day’

Jozi celebrates ‘Go Skateboarding Day’

Jozi Skateboarders will be out at the Maboneng indoor skatepark to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. Photo: provided

Jozi Skateboarders will be out at the Maboneng indoor skatepark to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. Photo: provided


One Love Skate Expo will be celebrating the 11th Annual Go Skateboarding Day (GSD) on June 21 at the Maboneng indoor skate park.

“We’re expecting a diverse crowd of young and old skaters who will be showing off their hip tricks in skating and long boarding,” said One Love Skate Expo founder, Quincy Braveman Moyo.

This year is the first time that One Love Skate Expo will celebrate GSD in its own turf at the Maboneng skate Park on 11 Staib Street. The skate park is equipped with long boards and protective gear.

The One Love Skate Expo initiative facilitates skating in the inner city as an alternative form of recreation. One Love is “trying to bridge the gap between those who can skate and those who are interested in learning.” Said Moyo, so amateurs are more than welcome.

Go Skateboarding Day is one of the largest gatherings of skateboarders. Founded by Steve Rodriguez in New York City in 2004, GSD has since been celebrated in major cities across the world.

In Jozi this Sunday, skateboarders will gather at 12pm at the library gardens on 55 President Street, CBD. From there, skaters will skate along a designated route that leads to the Skate Jam spot, Maboneng.

The park promises to be filled with food, music and exhilarating ‘kick flips’ and ‘arlies’. Followed by “a traditional after party to seal it” said Moyo.

The culture of skating is a growing movement in Johannesburg and “people should not be afraid to try new things” said Smash Afrika, the marketing manager of the event

“We as skaters also consider our skateboards as a means of transport.” Afrika said. Even The City of Joburg municipality has acknowledged alternative modes of transport by creating cycle lanes across the city.

The One Love Collective are also running a holiday program from June 29 where people of all ages can attend skating lessons. The holiday program will run from Monday to Thursday until 4pm daily.

It offers alternative recreation for inner city youth and serves as a platform to explore the urban use of skateboards. “We know there are a lot of kids who skate in Joburg and also want something to do in the holidays,” said Afrika.

GSD falls on Fathers Day this year and is a great opportunity for Fathers to spend quality time with their families. Parents, kids, young and old are invited to partake in both the Go Skateboarding Day celebrations and in the holiday program to learn more about skating.

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