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Who’s who in the Wits SRC

Lwandile Fikeni
February11/ 2017

The Wits Student Representative Committee (SRC) is elected annually to represent the student body at all levels of the university.

The last SRC elections which took place in August 2016 saw a total of 8 343 votes being cast for 15 seats. Wits Vuvuzela takes a closer look at the 15 elected student representatives along the 4 members who were elected through other student councils. The SRC members sit on various university committees and structures.


SRC Group (1)
Front line from left: Nontobeko Nkosi, Sihle Gili,Wame Sere,Tebogo Mothivhi The rest from the left: Kabelo, Kaamil Alli, Zamayirha Peter, David Manabile, Cebolenkosi Khumalo, Palomino Jama, Ntokozo Luthuli, Thando Mntambo, Thato Mokoena & Noluthando Zuma. Photo suppplied by SRC


  1. President: Kefentse Mkhari

The President of the SRC presides over the entire council. The President is a member of the Executive Council of the university as well as a member of Senate, which means he is the voice of the students in the highest decision making body in the institution.

Email: src.president@students.wits.ac.za

  1. Deputy President: Noluthando Zuma

The Deputy President (DP) deputises the President when he is not around. The DP is in charge of all internal matters of the SRC including discipline. The Deputy President is also a member of Senate.

Email: src.deputypresident@students.wits.ac.za

  1. Secretary General: David Manabile

The Secretary General (SG) of the SRC is responsible for the administrative affairs of the council which includes calling meetings and representing the SRC in any admin related issues. The SG is also a member of Senate.

Email: src.secretarygeneral@students.wits.ac.za

  1. Deputy Secretary General: Kamil Alli

The Deputy Secretary General (DSG) deputises the SG and is responsible for the internal communications of SRC. The DSG oversees any portfolio that is related to media and public relations. The DSG is also a member of Senate.

Email: src.deputysg@students.wits.ac.za

  1. Treasurer General: Thando Mnambo

The Treasurer General (TG) is responsible for all financial matters of the council as well as lower student governance structures in the institution. The TG is a member of the Financial Council of the University as well as Senate.

Email: src.treasurer@students.wits.ac.za

  1. Academic Officer: Zamayirha Peter

The primary role of the Academic Officer (AO) is to deal with academic activity in its entirety, including academic exclusions. Through the AO office the SRC forms part of the Wits Readmission Committee in which students who are excluded can appeal their outcomes. The AO consults with students during their appeals and help prepare them for the hearing part of the exclusions appeals process. Every academic query or concern is represented for students by the AO. If you have issues with your marks, need to appeal, need representation or are excluded use the avenues within your school first and if that fails contact the SRC Academic Officer. (Note: Zamayirha Peter is also a student journalist with Wits Vuvuzela).

Email: src.academics@students.wits.ac.za


  1. Transformation officer: Thato Mokoena

The Transformation Officer (TO) bridges the gap between the university’s management and its students in order to ensure new policies pertaining to the wellbeing of each student are implemented successfully. This Transformation officer is there to ensure that there is transformation from the lowest sections of the University to the highest. The office’s responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the renaming of buildings and curriculum matters.

Email: src.transformation@students.wits.ac.za

  1. International Affairs Officer: Wame Sere

International Affairs Officer (IAO) ensures that all student related matters that affect international students are dealt with accordingly. These may include (but are not limited to) sorting out accommodation, fees and academic assistance. Though the term of office is one year, the office of international affairs seeks to ensure that the entire cycle of an international student from registration in first year, right through to graduation day, is smooth, enjoyable and successful.

Email: src.international@students.wits.ac.za


  1. Student Governance Officer: Ntokozo Luthuli

The Student Governance Office (SGO) deals with school councils. The office facilitates all school council elections and has to induct all of them so they get to understand governance and how to deal with student issues.

Email: src.governance@students.wits.ac.za




  1. Clubs, societies & organisations officer: Nontobeko Nkosi

This office deals with all clubs, societies and organisations (CSO’s) within the university, except sports clubs. This includes all structures that add to the well-rounded nature of the student outside the classroom such as culture, business, innovation and entrepreneurship, religion, social responsibility, academics and politics. The office is there to ensure that each structure is properly inducted and active so that it knows exactly what is required of it when serving students. This year, the CSO officer sits on various university councils such as the library council and student advisory council.

Email: src.cso@students.wits.ac.za

  1. Constitution, Legal and Policy Officer: Cebolenkosi Khumalo

The Constitution, Legal and Policy Officer (CLPO) deals with all legal matters that affects students, such as those facing expulsion or charged by the institution with any criminal or fraudulent activity. Before any policy is to be implemented by the university, this office looks over its contents to make sure that it is in line with the constitution of South Africa and the constitution that governs the Wits student community. The CLPO also reviews current constitutions of existing student structures, such as university residence house committees and school councils.

Email: src.legal@students.wits.ac.za


  1. Projects and Campaigns Officer: Obakeng Mulaudzi

The Projects and Campaigns officer deals with all projects and campaigns that the SRC gets involved in at Wits. This includes, but not limited to: O-week, beer garden and awareness campaigns.

Email: src.projects@students.wits.ac.za

  1. Media and public relations officer: Sihle Gili

The office of media and public relations maintains the image of the SRC and ensures a good relationship with the public including students. Working closely with the Deputy Secretary General, the Media and Public Relations officer makes sure that all communication on social media platforms relating to the workings of the SRC body is done effectively. With the office of Projects and Campaigns, this office spearheads the marketing aspects required by the SRC to ensure that it is well branded.

Email: src.pro@students.wits.ac.za

  1. Student development and entrepreneurship officer: Tebogo Mothivi

The student development and entrepreneurship officer exists to develop and enrich the soft skills of students outside the academic space they are in. The office is responsible for the promotion of student entrepreneurs on campus to become successful in whatever business venture they pursue.

Email: src.studentdevelop@students.wits.ac.za

  1. Social development and fundraising officer: Lindokuhle Ntumba

The Social Development and Fundraising Officer leads all SRC related fundraisers where proceeds go directly to the funds set up by SRC to assist students in need, such as the humanitarian fund. Gala dinners, golf days, and other events are just some of the ways in which this office seeks to serve all students. The office welcomes all donations in whatever form, whether financial or otherwise.

Email: src.socialdev@students.wits.ac.za

  1. Sports Council Chairperson: Kim Lucas

The Sports Council Chairperson serves as a representative on the council that governs all sports related matters at Wits University.

Email: src.sports@students.wits.ac.za

  1. All Residence Council chairperson: Willie Muhlarhi

The All Residence Council chairperson serves as an All Residence Council (ARC) representative in the SRC. The ARC governs all res life related matters at Wits, which includes: all bus related issues, dining hall matters, and all res life related policies. The ARC chairperson to serve on the SRC is elected through the body of house committee members that represent each residence on the ARC.

Email: src.residence@students.wits.ac.za

  1. All Faculty Chairperson: Palomina Jama

Serves as a representative for the council that governs all school councils and faculty related matters at Wits. The chairperson to serve on the SRC is elected through the body of chairpersons that represent each school from each faculty at the University.

Email: src.facultychair@students.wits.ac.za

  1. Postgraduate Representative: Iyare Uwumagabe

The Postgraduate Representative serves as a representative for the council that governs all postgraduate related matters at Wits.

Email: src.pg@students.wits.ac.za


Lwandile Fikeni