Meet this week’s Cool Kid, Fezeka Mkhabela.

FEZEKA Mkhabela is a documentary filmmaker, actress and videographer. A self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist and history enthusiast, Mkhabela describes herself as creative, kind and smart. The 21-year-old has always drawn her inspiration for film and video from her lifelong love of telling stories.

The third-year BA Film and Television student’s career as a videographer began when she noticed a gap in the South African YouTube market. Many vloggers had ideas of the content that they wanted to create but lacked the technical skills. She has since worked with popular South African vloggers including Mihlali Ndamase and Lerato Kgamanyane. She says that this work has helped her to grow as a filmmaker through exploring other niche parts of the industry as well as building her entrepreneurial skills.

She recently had a break­through in her film career after she was cast in a leading role for the movie Umqhele which premiered on Mzansi Magic on March 3. “I am overwhelmed by the role that I did get because it was a leading role and I am excited to see what is in store for me,” she said.

She has made three short films in her career, one of which was recognised by the Wits University last year. The film called Hlengiwe, was made in 2015 as part of a documentary filmmaking course. The idea came from a poem she had previously written about the trauma of a rape victim whose family did not believe her. “I feel that the rape epidemic in this country is often pushed under the carpet. There are no repercussions for our uncles and family members who rape us.” said Mkabela.

She hopes to tell stories about black women and be behind the camera to create more diversity in how they are represented. At present, she is confident in her journey and believes she is on the right path. “I can honestly say that this is where I am meant to be.”