The Wits Business School has  launched the first executive education programme in digital business.

The Wits Business School (WBS) has partnered with BCX, a digital solutions company, to offer the first executive education programme in digital business in the country. The programme which aims to providing research, knowledge and skills to students and businesses to help them cope in a digitally saturated world, is set to be launched during the course of this month.

BCX Chair of Digital Business at WBS, Brian Armstrong said, “It is really important that we develop a coherent response as a University and as a country to this wave of digital change that is sweeping society.”

Armstrong added that the executive programme was created, “to establish a ‘complete’, coherent, credible and contextualised knowledge base for managing businesses in the emergent digital world.”

Deputy Director of executive education, Lamese Abrahams, told Wits Vuvuzela that, “The school is very proud to be at the forefront of developing important research and teaching programmes that are essential for doing business in today’s digital world.” WBS hopes that the research that flows from the programme will assist the business sector to effectively deal with new challenges in the digital world.

A group of BCX employees at various levels of the company will be the first group of individuals to enrol in the the programme for courses that will run over 24 days at a time

FEATURED PHOTO: The Wits Business School is launching a digital business programme. Photo: Elizabeth-Jane Ringrose.