The faculty of Commerce, Law and Management assures its first-year students that they will be taken care of.

The deputy dean of Commerce, Law and Management (CLM), has urged first-year students to “take notice of the inequalities on campus and be generous with material things and in spirit” as they will become the leaders who will tackle inequality that is crippling the country.

Professor Jason Cohen told the students that they have the advantage of being at the technological hub of the country, while having the “best academic minds” to guide them during their time at Wits University.

“You will learn facts, but you will also learn skills and concepts and engage robustly in ideas that will open your mind and change your ways of thinking,” he said.

Cohen encouraged the students to turn around the rape crisis in the country and be the “beacons of hope” for vulnerable women and children in abusive households and for marginalised people.

“It is our job to give you the best guidance, teaching and mentorship. It is also our responsibility to give you as much support as possible,” the deputy dean said.

Students were also encouraged to ask for help as the faculty has support systems in place. “As long as you remember why you are here, you will know we are here to give you that support,” said assistant dean of undergraduate affairs, Dr. Muriel Mushariwa.

Tshepiso Maleswena, who leads CLM’s ‘Road to Success’ programme aimed at supporting students, told the Witsies that the programme was set in place solely to help students.

Dean of Student Affairs, Jerome September, outlined the university’s guidelines against discrimination and gender-based harm. “You have my email address. Please report any acts to me and the perpetrators will be dealt with.”

September told the first-years that, “You did not get accepted here through back door deals. It is your hard work that landed you a place at the university. This is your Wits, you belong here.”

FEATURED IMAGE: CLM’s Professor Jason Cohen encourages the new students to be the leaders of tomorrow. Photo: Tumelo Modiba