EFF to lead shutdown of Tshwane

EFF to lead shutdown of Tshwane

EFF CIC, Julius Malema adressinf media at the headquarters in Braamfontein. Photo:Olwethu Boso

EFF CIC, Julius Malema addresses the media at the EFF headquarters in Braamfontein.     Photo: Olwethu Boso

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) commander in chief, Julius Malema has called upon South Africans to join the EFF in shutting down Tshwane.

Malema was speaking at a press briefing at the EFF headquarters in Braamfontein earlier today. He called on South Africans of all creeds and colours to unite in massive protest action in Tshwane on November 2, to defend South Africa’s democracy against state capture and strengthen the call for free education.

Malema said the EFF intends to shut down businesses in Tshwane for the day as the party works towards securing a list of demands.

The first demand that the party intends to make is that the South African government must provide free quality education at higher education level from 2017 onwards.

“Jacob Zuma must immediately step down as President and Head of State in South Africa as well as Shaun Abrahams‚ the NDPP of Zuma‚ must immediately step down from the National Prosecutions Authority,” said Malema.

Finally, the party will demand that the Guptas be disconnected from all state related contracts and must immediately leave South Africa.

Commenting on the current Fees Must Fall protests, Malema said he guarantees that the EFF would continue providing logistical, political, moral and legal support to student activists around the country.

“The only reaction the ANC is willing to give towards the conversation of free education is violent suppression,” he said about President Zuma setting up a task team which consists mainly of the security cluster.

During the briefing Malema announced that he was aware of the police outside the offices to serve him summons for things he had said in Mangaung in 2014.

“They are charging me with the attempt to hide their own inequities.”


EFF launches its intellectual coup d’ etat

CALM BEFORE THE LAUNCH: Advocate Dali Mpofu and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema sitting on the Great Hall stage of Wits University during the launch of the EFF book "The Coming Revolution" on Thursday, July 25, 2014. Photo: Luke Matthews

CALM BEFORE THE LAUNCH: Advocate Dali Mpofu (left) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema (right) sitting on the Great Hall stage of Wits University during the launch of the EFF book The Coming Revolution on Thursday. Photo: Luke Matthews

A revolutionary missile was launched yesterday when the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) gathered in the Wits Great Hall to celebrate Commissar Floyd Shivambu’s book The Coming Revolution on Thursday night.

EFF leader Julius Malema delivered the keynote address on behalf of the absent author Shivambu who was still in Cape Town. “We wrote a book because we do not want our story to be told by some white person”, said Malema.

Economic Revolutions

Malema said that the book addresses economic freedom looking particularly at nationalization, noting that he has been previously misinterpreted on the issue.

“I’m agitated by the fact that people love writing books about nationalization. You go and you fetch a book by Van Vicker who will speak on behalf of Malema’’, he said.

The ruling party African National Congress (ANC) was not left out of Malema’s address who accused the ruling party of “selling-out” to economic investors and not putting the concerns of people at the forefront.

“The economy looks the way it looked in the colonial times”, said Malema who explained that the EFF’s economic outlook outlined in the book advocates working class concerns.

Intellectual Riot 

The party’s Gauteng provincial chair, Dali Mpofu said that the book consisted of three parts, “manifesto, election and an interview with the commander and chief”, referring to an eleven-page interview conducted by Shivambu and Janet Smith with the party leader. Malema jokingly referred to the interview as “the longest interview of my life”.

Mpofu who contributed to writing the foreword of the book said, “very little [few] political parties have achieved what this little baby has achieved in twelve months”.

Wits EFF student leader Vuyani Pambo noted the intellectual capacity of the organisation saying, “In case you had any doubts – intellectual production is part of this revolutionary duty”.

The book launch was part of the EFF’s first year anniversary of their political existence which will officially take place this weekend.













EFF triggers PYA exodus

EFF triggers PYA exodus

SOME SRC members, who are also ANC Youth League (ANCYL) members, have dropped their black, green and gold T-shirts in favour of the red berets of Julius Malema’s new party.

SRC vice president internal, Tokelo Nhlapo, joined the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Tuesday after what he says was “a long time of introspection” and consultations with people he looks up to and admires.

“Joining the EFF is like jumping from a hot pot into a frying pan, but the EFF questions how the hell are white people living comfortably in this country while their people are suffering.”

In an article published in Wits Vuvuzela on July 19, Nhlapo said there was no difference between the ANCYL and the EFF, but accused the EFF executive of being “dodgy characters”.

“Julius was expelled from the ANCYL. Floyd [Shivambu] was expelled from the ANCYL,” he said at the time

NOT EFF’ing AROUND: Wits EFF chairperson Vuyani Pambo campaigning at Barnato Hall. He tells potential members “we should not fear to exist from white people”.  Photo: Thuletho Zwane

NOT EFF’ing AROUND: Wits EFF chairperson Vuyani Pambo campaigning at Barnato Hall. He tells potential members “we should not fear to exist from white people”. Photo: Thuletho Zwane

Nhlapo said he decided to join the EFF because the ANC betrayed the Freedom Charter and legitimised the poverty of black people while protecting white wealth.

Nhlapo’s sudden jump from the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA), which includes the Wits ANCYL, to an opposition party comes at a time when the EFF is starting a branch on campus.

Wits EFF chairperson Vuyani Pambo, said he had been elected to help launch the EFF branch on campus. “We are launching this month but the date hasn’t been set yet.”

PYA and South African Students Congress (Sasco) member Mbe Mbhele has also jumped ship and was seen campaigning for the EFF at Barnato residence on Tuesday night. “I am a member of Sasco but I campaign for the revolution,” Mbhele said.

Wits ANCYL secretary Yamkela Fanini said “such individuals [PYA members who are also EFF members] are termed as agents. But bazoba strong wethu those people [the EFF].”

Pambo said EFF had aligned itself with the Workers’ Solidarity Committee (WSC) and claimed most of workers had joined the EFF. “By Thursday we will have 200 members.”

Pambo said Wits EFF was in sensitive deliberations with members of the PYA, Young Communist League and Sasco but could not give their names because these individuals “hold positions in the SRC” and other ANC-aligned movements.



Wits Vuvuzela. Juju recruits comrades at Wits. August 2, 2013

Juju recruits comrades at Wits

By Thuletho Zwane and Ray Mahlaka

JULIUS Malema’s new political party is targeting Wits to gain more supporters.

Witsie and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) executive member, Innocent Thombothi, Political Science and International Relations Honours, said that Witsies were showing interest in the EFF.

“We do have supporters on campus. Most [of them] are people in the SRC, ANCYL and the YCL [Young Communist League], and members of the PYA [Progressive Youth Alliance],” Thombothi said.

He said it was difficult for “comrades” to come out and admit they were members or supporters of the EFF because they still had to serve their elected official terms in their respective organisations.

“They are still deployed in the PYA. There’s a conflict of interest. Maybe after the PYA elections  [in August]. Most can’t disclose now. EFF is here, it is in Wits,” Thombothi said.

The EFF is a “radical and militant” political movement founded by former ANC Youth League President Malema.

It is a leftist movement whose policies include land expropriation without compensation, nationalisation of the banks and national resources, free education and health and opening South African borders to Africans.

[pullquote]”We do have supporters on campus. Most [of them] are people in the SRC, ANCYL and the YCL [Young Communist League], and members of the PYA [Progressive Youth Alliance]” [/pullquote] SRC treasurer, Justice Nkomo, however, said the EFF had no support at Wits. He said the EFF  was holding an event at Wits but had to cancel it because most Witsies attended a talk by ANC secretary-general  Gwede Mantashe.

“They wanted to infiltrate. If EFF was strong, they would be able to influence our own people,” Nkomo said.

“Those people who have crossed have always been politically irrelevant.”

Trevor Mkhawana, 2nd year Mining Engineering, said he knew a lot of people who support the EFF. “They believe in Malema. They got disillusioned by Zuma.”

Witsie Mabhoko Mojela said if the EFF won the 2014 elections, SA would turn into a banana republic.

“[But], the presence of Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, [EFF spokesperson] allows me to give EFF the benefit of the doubt. I trust his intellectual opinions and the good work he has done in the student organisations on campus.”

Puleng Tsehla, 2nd year Media Studies, from Lesotho, said she supports the EFF because the new party promotes open boundaries in Africa.

She said South Africans are always welcome in other African countries.

Other Witsies in the EFF include Floyd Shivambu who is studying his MA in political studies, Andile Mngxitama who has completed an MA in sociology and Ndlozi, a PhD politics candidate.

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