Horny Bucks pin down Limpopo

The Wits Horny Bucks won their basketball match by a large margin against the University of Limpopo (ULM) last Sunday at Hall 29.

The fulltime score was 107-22 to the Wits first team.

The first quarter began on a good note for the Horny Bucks with a 22-point lead.

The main scorers for most of the hour were power forward, Jonathan Van der Bijl, centre Rodney Genga and small forward Clint Koch.

ULM were sloppy in handling the ball and made continuous travelling errors. This resulted in many successful free throws by the Bucks. Van der Bijl wowed the crowd with three successive dunks bringing the score to 64-10 in the third quarter.

Wits were faster than their opponents from the start and settled on an early lead. The same pattern was seen throughout the rest of the game.

The score was 77-16 to Wits by the third quarter thanks to good plays by the Bucks led by Van der Bijl. Despite their 61-point lead, the speed of the Wits play showed they were no less determined to finish off ULM.

In the fourth quarter, ULM only increased their score by two points to bring it to 83-18.

Koch dominated the remainder of the game, stealing the ball and getting rebounds to make successful scores.

With four minutes left of the game there was no hope for a miraculous turnaround from ULM because of the 80 point difference in scores.

The match was the first game in the Gauteng University Basketball League (GUBL) this year. The Bucks’ game with Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) was cancelled due to the unrest on their campus. Their next game is yet to be announced.

“[The game] was good for the confidence of the team. We got the chance try out a lot of different plays and different sets that we don’t usually get to run when we play bigger teams like UJ and UP,” said Bucks acting captain, Rodney Genga.

The Horny Bucks came fourth in the University Sports South Africa (USSA) basketball tournament held in Port Elizabeth earlier this year. Genga was awarded the All Star player award for his spirited performance.