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Contribute to the Wits Vuvuzela Online
Have you always been interested in telling your stories and sharing your insights about campus and the community of Braamfontein?  Are you interested in contributing to the Wits Vuvuzela Online? 

From 2013, the Wits Vuvuzela Online invites you to contribute your stories, videos, photographs and any other multimedia for possible publication on the Wits Vuvuzela Online site*.

Email editor@witsvuvuzela.com with stories or multimedia stories that meet the following requirements –

WORD COUNT: 350-400 words maximum

PHOTOS FOR TEXT STORIES: 72 pixels/inch at a minumum of 250x500mm each

PHOTO ESSAYS: 72pxs/inch at 600x400mm minumum

BIO: All submissions MUST be accompanied by a personal bio of the author/authors, including their full names, degree information and valid email address/es.The bio should be approximately 30-50 words in length.

BIO PHOTO: All submissions MUST be accompanied by a full colour, head & shoulders photo of the author. Min. 80x40mm, 72 pixels/inch

IMPORTANT: Any submissions that do not meet these basic requirements will be automatically disregarded.

*Publication is subject to our terms and conditions. Submission of your story/multimedia story is taken as an indication that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions as stated below.



1. Submission of stories and/or multimedia work does not guarantee publication.

2. Publication of stories and/or multimedia work is subject to the decision of the online editor of the Wits Vuvuzela.

3. By ‘submission,’ it is meant any work and/or multimedia work that is received by Wits Vuvuzela via email or personal delivery for possible publication on the Wits Vuvuzela Online.

4. Submissions which do not meet the specified requirements will be automatically disregarded.

5. Through submission of a story and photo or other multimedia, the author confirms that the work submitted is an original piece of work and does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other indvidual or organisation.

6. Through submission the author guarantees that the work is only for the possible publication in the Wits Vuvuzela Online and has NOT been submitted for consideration to any other publication.

7. Work submitted will be subjected to a sub-editing and verification processes which is intended to improve the quality of writing but not change the intended message of the author.

8. Through submission, authors accept that their work may be subjected to changes as indicated in (7) above.

9. Authors will be notified of the decision to publish their work prior to publication.

10. The Wits Vuvuzela retains the copyright over all material that is published on their website: www.witsvuvuzela.com

11. The Wits Vuvuzela may not necessarily communicate with all authors of work that is submitted to the Wits Vuvuzela.

12. Authors whose work is published on the Wits Vuvuzela Online are considered ‘guest contributors’ to the Wits Vuvuzela Online and should in no way identify themselves as staff of the Wits Vuvuzela or the Department of Wits Journalism. 

13. Authors may not identify themselves as Wits Vuvuzela staff or indicate that their work is sanctioned by the Wits Vuvuzela in researching their stories.

14. Anyone found in transgression of these terms and conditions will have all previously published work removed from the Wits Vuvuzela and will not be considered for future publication.

15. The Wits Vuvuzela does not retain any copyrights over work that is not published after a period of 14 working days since submission.

16. Guest contributions is NOT restricted to students registered at the University of the Witwatersrand.

  • Luke Reply
    12 months ago

    Only 8 343 students voted over three days, a meagre 23% of the total student body, with 278 spoilt votes. The voter turnout was 682 more people than the 7 661 students who voted in 2015.

    Hi Nadia, based on the above it would seem that the Wits SRC doesn’t seem to be the real majority voice of the students.Taking the recent protest action into account and the resulting shuting down of classes surely such a minority SRC is abusing it’s minority status while disrespecting the majorities rights to attend class.
    This small minority will or can have an impact on the viability and quality of our university.
    Should you not be having this discussion……this is a blatant disregard of our constitutional rights.
    I look forward to reading about this in the future or to recieve some feedback.
    As the editor I’d assume we’d here from you on such an imoprtant topic
    Regards LD

  • Aphiwe Botiyana Reply
    2 years ago

    Why is it im no longer receiving any Witsvuvuzela articles in my email?

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