A fight broke out between two senior law students at a welcoming party hosted by the Law Students Council (LSC) at O-Village on campus last Friday.

A fight between Sibusiso Ngcube, 23, 4th year LLB student and Mqondisi Khumalo, 23, 3rd year Bcom (Law) broke out at about 15:08 after  a disagreement.

“I don’t want to be disrespected, I am from the hood,” Ngcube said.

Seane Kanyane, 1st year Bsc (Civil Engineering) said “I am terrified. I didn’t expect such behaviour from senior students. What kind of example are they setting for us?”

Both Khumalo and Ngcube consumed alcohol before attending the party. And they were provided with free alcohol by the Law Students Council.

Ngcube spilled alcohol on Khumalo’s shirt while trying to punch him. Khumalo then tried to hit him back but was stopped by the security guard and a friend.

The two were taken outside to sort out their differences. Ngcube hit Khumalo again with a glass full of alcohol.

Ngcube on Monday said he was sorry about what had happened. He said he was drunk and wasn’t thinking straight. “Mqondisi and I have been friends since first year.

“I am quite embarrassed about the fight. Mqondisi does not want to forgive me and I hope he finds it in his heart to do so.”

Khumalo said. “I was confused, embarrassed and I am glad they stopped us because I was going to beat him up. Sibusiso should just grow up. He is using the fact that he was intoxicated as an excuse.”

Khumalo said Ngcube always picks a fight with people when he is drunk.

M S Modisa, Campus Control security guard, said students end up fighting among themselves at most parties.

Krystelle Nyasha Brown, LSC entertainment officer, said law students had never had a welcoming party before and that it was intended to bring about camaraderie among law students.