Witsie BBMing. Photo: Natália Ribeiro

BLACKBERRY addicts are all over campus. Witsies are “BBMing their fingers off”. They never switch off their phones, feel anxious when they can’t answer new messages coming through, check their BlackBerrys before bed and immediately upon waking up and use BBM as a way to avoid face-to-face confrontation.

“BlackBerry has taken over the world,” says Ngwa Murombedzi, a 2nd year BA law student. And Wits is definitely not a BlackBerry-free zone. Dielon van der Merwe, 1st year BA psychology, checks his phone every couple of minutes when he is out of class. His mom thinks this can be distracting from his studies.

Most students interviewed around campus while using their phones say they are not suffering from BlackBerry addiction and their phones don’t get in the way of their studies.