ETHICS ALIVE: Human Rights Day is commemorated each year at Medical School Campus through the Ethics Alive Week Initiative. Packed with activities for Health Sciences students, it is aimed at keeping alive the importance of professionalism and ethical conduct in the health professions. Live at Lunch, one of the events during the Ethics Alive week took place yesterday, March 23 at the Adler Museum at Medical School. Students from the Health Sciences faculty took part in a live performance competition. When the audience could not decide on a winner, Professor Ahmed Wadee, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs in the faculty, increased the prize money from R1000 to R2000 on condition that the top four contestants would receive an equal share. “We host events such as ‘Live at Lunch’ to promote student participation during the Ethics Alive week and to conscientise them of the professional and ethical obligations that come with being in the Health profession,” said Professor Wadee. The prize money was personally donated by Professor Wadee.