STUDENTS want more guidance when it comes to Lead SA initiatives.

Primedia Broadcasting along with supporters from Independent Newspapers developed the Lead SA campaign to promote South Africans ‘who continually seek to do the right thing for themselves, for their families and for their country.’

Witsies, however, are seeking more direction from the campaign as they feel they are just one graduation step away from being the next leaders of the country.

When asked to give their opinions on the campaign, Tarryn Booysen, a 1st year psychology student, said they are “not doing enough”.

“They advertise but we never actually see them at work. They should be offering voluntary work.”

Ephraim Tshukudu, a 2nd year BA politics student, said they should be “implementing their operation on campus, providing skills on how to lead the country”.

When asked about Lead SA’s plans to harvest Leadership skills at universities, the organisation said:

“It is only through the acts of individuals that the initiative can continue to grow and be a success. The Bill of Responsibilities will soon be launched which is specifically focused on the youth as our future leaders. The Bill of Responsibilities outlines the responsibilities that flow from the rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.”

The campaign urges individuals to defend their beliefs yet it does not attempt to solve more controversial moral issues such as abortion, homosexuality and the Palestine-Israel situation.

Commendably, Lead SA has been effective, to an extent, in following their philosophy as can be seen by the positive community stories on their website. Nevertheless, it remains unclear what decision Lead SA wants the public and students to take when facing more serious issues.