In light of May being ‘Worker’s month’, I think we are ending it off on a rather victorious note given that the Wits director whose alleged racist remarks led to a multitude of protests by outsourced workers will have a disciplinary hearing on the matter. Cleaners may be thought to be lower in the job market, but they matter and affect our lives through their service for meagre pay, occasional advice and, often, a friendly smile.

I must express, I quiver at the thought that our great institution – Wits University- may regress to the amoral occurrences such as those against the cleaning staff at the University of the Free State a few years back, which is why this victory is not only for those who stood in protest this month but also for every member of our community committed to maintaining and further elevating the world-class reputation our university has.

Violence against women is also touched on this week. We cover allegations of rape and a reported Peeping Tom in the female toilets; and of course the protest against Naked News, which saw women take a stand against what they viewed as undignified work.

Winter is upon us bringing with it mid-year exams, and loads of work to catch up on in preparation. Life is work itself and in every way possible you adjust and keep pushing yourself to ensure all the effort you put in works for you. The Vuvuzela team wish you all great success in your exams as we sign off on the month that celebrates our labours.

We’ve got a special treat for you… a light at the end of the dark tunnel that was the SAMAs. Grab your free coupon on our front page giving you R30 off the entrance fee to SAMA award winner Nomsa Mazwai’s performance at the Baseline this evening.

Till next semester,Adiós!