Wits Vuvuzela retracts the article Inxeba- The Wound causes a stir among Xhosa Witsies published on the on August 17, 2017. The article incorrectly attributed a quote to Mr Kwezilomso Tiwani. We also acknowledge that Mr Tiwani was under the impression that he was being interviewed exclusively for VOW FM.

Here is what Mr Tiwani said:

“What we have is a movement which is against the movie Inxeba- The Wound. Now what we are against especially is that they are exposing certain aspects of our culture that we would rather keep secret because they are sacred in their own right. It’s not everyone who has this experience and we believe that if you have undergone such a procedure or rite then it is your experience. Why should someone else then take that away from you and have it displayed to people who won’t even care about the difficulties that you went through and to be considered what you are today, so that’s what we are against.”


However, what got published was:

Kwezilomso Tiwani, a first year Mechanical Engineering student who was offended by the picketers said, “the picket is homophobic, its heteronormative, it’s people who have never had those experiences. I was coming here as an observer, I feel offended by it [picket] as a gay man who went to the mountain and who experienced the hazardous nature of going to the mountain as a gay man.”

He added that “the experiences of sexual minority on the mountain are quite different and that’s what the movie is trying to unfold.”


The words quoted were in actual fact not Mr Tiwani’s but the words of another interviewee.

Wits Vuvuzela apologises for the lapse in our editorial processes which allowed these mistakes to happen, and for any inconvenience caused to Mr Tiwani. The article has been removed from our website and we have engaged with Google to have the cached version erased.