OPINION: Parking at Wits is chaotic

After a three month holiday spent mostly unproductively, I welcomed the return to campus.

I was not surprised that parking on campus was a nightmare especially on the first day back but my experience on the morning of 11 February 2013 is an outrage.

Queueing in a long line of cars just trying to enter campus the fear sets in that finding a parking would be nearly impossible.

Cars were scrambling around like vultures trying to squeeze into the smallest of corners left open as every single parking bay made available by Wits was occupied.  Some cars were even ‘parked in’ by inconsiderate yet desperate students who naturally did not want to be late for their first lectures.

The fees that I pay for my parking permit at Wits is R735.00 per annum. While it may seem like alot to many people, to a student it is and it should at least come with a guarantee that every student who has paid that fee will be able to locate a parking bay inside Wits.

As a student who has paid this fee I did not expect to drive around hopelesslyfor a total of 45 minutes in search for a parking spot and in doing so, missing my lecture and having to eventually give up and return home.

I appreciate that Wits is a large institution that caters for thousands of students each year yet as a paying student that is in fact not my problem.

Students have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns about parking at Wits and as a student who experienced the utter chaos I can only agree with what they are saying. In order to successfully obtain a degree through the University of Witwatersrand it is imperative that lectures are attended. But if parking bays are not available the student is therefore left helpless and without options but to either continue the quest of finding a parking and therefore be late for lectures or ultimately to return home and miss the lecture altogether.

It has been an on-going problem at Wits however the magnitude of chaos experienced this year has got to be the last straw.

Limited parking at Wits should not be the reason that students do not obtain their degrees.