It’s an amazing race at Wits

While Wits freshers who sign up to play in the Muslim Students Association’s (MSA) Amazing Race won’t be in line to bag a million dollars, they are guaranteed to have loads of fun and learn about the campus.

The game is set up to help first years find their way around campus and to make new friends says MSA vice chairperson, Aslam Bulbulia.

“We’ll form them into teams so they get know one another and then run around Wits so they get to know the University because it’s more fun than a tour. They’ll have to solve little clues along the way and sometimes be challenged with getting around Wits or finding a building,” says Bulbulia.

The race kicks off at 10am from the Library Lawns on East campus, after students are split into groups of three, and is expected to be over by 1pm.

It will be followed by the mid-day afternoon Jummah prayer at the Musalla and a talk by Abdurrahman Laily. Students can then look forward to pizzas and an informal get together.

Events that have taken place so far during O-Week are the Silly Buggers Party which was held on Tuesday 7 February, the Alley Party which ran after Monday night’s rugby match.