Back to the City

15 000 hip-hop lovers streamed onto the streets of Newtown to attend the annual Back to the City festival on Freedom Day.  Surprise guests Die Antwoord took to the stage in the evening to an enthusiastic crowd.  Popular artists such as Khuli Chana, AKA and Tuks rocked one of the stages.

More live music, skateboarding, film, break dancing, street fashion and gaming were all on offer. Graffiti artists spray painted the numerous pillars in the festival.

“Last year [the festival] was amazing so I was really looking forward to it this year,” said attendee Mesuli Splash.  Splash said his favourite feature of the festival was the rappers. “I loved it when the DJ divided the crowd into East side and West side, u know, the 2pac side and the Biggie side.”

“It was nice but I did expect a little more this year since the turnout last year was so great.”




Photos: Lisa Golden and Zandi Shabalala