When kids give to kids


WORKING IT: One of the creations featured at the ‘What You Rocking’ fashion show put on by three charity organisations. Photo: Provided

They give away their profits to take care of infant babies, create self-sustainable decent homes for aids orphans, children from dysfunctional homes and children living in the streets and cater to post matriculants too.
These are hero students from Wits, University of Johannesburg and surrounding educational institutions who are doing great work with the profits they make from their entrepreneurial efforts. People pay them to watch art and fashion shows, listen to their poetry and music, and at the end of the day they use their money for the needy children of Berea.

The project, which started last year, launched its first big event last month. Student entrepreneur, Kgothatso Habedi and his friend Lesego Moeletsi, started their company, Oh2sickPRO_Deuce. They are based in Johannesburg and the Vaal.

“Basically we are all artists. Our company is a photography and graphic design company but sometimes we host events. We’ve done some stuff for DJ Speedsta and Goodfolx. We love and support everything art and media based,” Habedi said.

[pullquote]“We encourage young people to come in and help especially in areas they like most.”[/pullquote]

The company has worked with other companies in organising and hosting some of their major events which include the ‘What You Rocking’ runway event that took place in March. These companies include SSM Ploughback and Starting Now South Africa.

“[After] our first event, we donated 90% of the funds to two children’s homes in Berea.

“As a brand we work with other companies. One of our DJs are on radio, one of our graphic designers has a clothing label and I am starting a new project. So as we grow we look to working with more people,” Habedi said.
Phephisile Nkanyezi Mathizerd, SSM Ploughback’s music and art director, said that as a company they do a lot of events and outreach programmes but she is mostly in charge of the arts division.
It organises events that range from poetry sessions to drama and fashion events.

“We encourage young people to come in and help especially in areas they like most,” she said.

SSM Ploughback is officially affiliated with two charity organisations, two children’s homes called The Christ Church Christian Care Centre (5Cees) and Mofumahadi wa Tsepo Care. These are orphanages and care centres which provide services to children, adoption services, child development centres, foster care and includes infant care centres and nurseries.

“We run mentorship programs and entertain these children by playing with them and celebrating their birthdays with them. We also collect clothes for them for the winter season,” she said.
SSM Ploughback targets young people and encourages involvement through showcasing their talents in art or helping out with the underprivileged children.