Blackwash Boycott

THE municipal elections have come and gone. One group of students will not be holding their breath in anticipation of a change in the status quo.

Blackwash Wits is a black consciousness movement whose aim is to make black students aware of what they call “the inequalities that still prevail”.

For the past few weeks they have been busy with campaigns on campus aimed at encouraging black students to shun the polls.

They believe the elections will not do anything to change the plight of the black students, and therefore taking part in them would be a waste of time.

Lubabalo Mgwili, a member of the working committee, says “we are challenging the whole concept of voting. No party is capable of effecting any meaningful change for blacks.”.

He says the problem the parties face is that whoever is in power find themselves having to work within the same constitutional and legal framework that limits black advancement.

The framework advances white interests and has always been like that, since 1994 when the country attained freedom, he says .

“We cannot celebrate the right to vote, when it is derived from the same constitution Constitution that protects stolen wealth.”

Hlompho Sephaka, a 4th year engineering student, says the organisation is regressive and their attitude does not help build the country.

“Who still holds views like that? Hello! Its 2011!” she says.

Mutombo Lubombo, a masters student in geography, says he understands where the organisation comes from.

“I am not South African, but I have lived here long enough to notice that this democracy is not benefiting the blacks at all…what have all the other elections done?” he asks.

When Mgwili was asked for his opinion on the statement Julius Malema made, to the effect that whites are criminals because they stole black peoples’ land, his response was:

“Malema practicses double standards, and he is a hypocrite. He belongs to the same party that is taking so long to give blacks back their land, but he thinks he can say something like that in public. This is just electioneering.”