Wrapping up basketball tournament

The annual Wits Lady Bucks Basketball Tournament ended on Sunday with the under-18 Mozambique National Team and Michael Mount Waldorf School winning the tournament, in the first and second divisions respectively.

In first division Mozambiqe’s Delma Zita scored more than 21 points to help her team crush V & J 64 to 41 in the final match of the tournament on Sunday.

FIRST DIVISION WINNERS: Under-18 Mozambique National Team dabs for the cup.               Photo: Wendy Mothata

FIRST DIVISION WINNERS: Under-18 Mozambique National Team dabs for the cup.
                                                                                                                                                   Photo: Wendy Mothata


Mozambique delivered outstanding performance from the first match of the tournament, winning all their games. In the semi-finals Mozambique defeated North West University (Vaal) by 41 to 29.

Silvia Amadeu Veloso, Mozambique player, said that basketball is no longer just a game to her but a way of life.

“I love basketball lifestyle and we are having good basketball professionals back at home who inspire us,” said Veloso.

Veloso said that the team played well from the beginning of the tournament, “We really played well, even though some games were intense and intimidating but we finally managed to win.”

Michael Mount won in the second division against A Town Ladies by 50 to 37.  The high school ladies hammered Lakers Basketball Club in the semi-finals by 38 to 19.

Lakers player Charlene Dhlohlo, said that her team trained hard for the tournament even though the team was out in the semi-finals. “It is disappointing that we didn’t make it to the finish line but I hope we will make it next year.”

Tshego Modise, Michael Mount captain, said that her team played well and what helped them to win the tournament was a good team work.

IMG_2060 (2)

SECOND DIVISION WINNERS: Michael Mount Waldorf School celebrating their victory.                      Photo: Wendy Mothata

“It’s all about passing the ball not individual skills,” said Modise.

Michael Mount coach Dubravka Lunnemann said that they attend the tournament every year and the ladies have shown a huge improvement.

“I’m proud of how the ladies played though out the tournament,” said Lunnemann.

The tournament was a celebration of the Lady Ballers and to honour all women across South Africa.