Why do students drink?

Excessive consumption of alcohol is quite normal for South African university students. This is according to new research by the South African Journal of Higher Education which adds that students drink mainly for pleasure.

The study, Why Students Drink, found that students general expect to increase their social confidence, reduce tension and improve their sexual attractiveness.

Moreover, university students, as a sub-group of “young adults” that drink alcohol have “more dangerous drinking patterns” than their “non-student peers”.

For university students, “alcohol consumption and excessive drinking”, is a norm and simply a part of the university experience.

Gcina Mdluli, a university student, said that she drinks because it is “soothing.” She went on to say that drinking is “not momentarily to indulge and to get drunk, it is just a vibe”.

Wits BMus student, Cameron Bruce, said, “I drink because it is enjoyable and a lot of the people that I hang out with have a couple of beers all the time. But I drink purely socially.”

The study which was undertaken at a single, unnamed, campus in South Africa, aimed at changing the drinking behaviour of students. Mapping the drinking motives and patterns of these students will help to shape “effective education and responsible drinking programmes”.

The research suggests that “responsible drinking in moderation” be encouraged as opposed to highlighting the negative consequences of “excessive alcohol consumption”.