LISTICLE: Meals for under R25 on campus

As a student you may not always have money to splurge on an expensive meal. Here is a list of meals that you can get for under R25 on campus.

1. Kara Nicha’s has always had affordable Indian food, which is why you can get a Biryani tub with a dhal, chutney and Cooee for only R11.00 at the matrix.

Biryani Tub and Cooee from Kara Nichas. Photo: Dana Da Silva

CURRY TUB: If you love Indian food, then Kara Nicha’s has a biryani tub and cooee that will cost you R11.00. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

2. Fight the cold this winter with warm and fresh pies from Theo’s, priced at R16.90 in senate house. Available flavours include sausage, cornish, mutton curry and spare ribs to name a few.

Theo's Pies

WARM AND FRESH: Fight off the winter cold with Theo’s hot pies. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

3. Located at the matrix, Students Corner provides a combination and weight based meals that you can get for under R25.00. For example, you can get a piece of chicken (which costs R7 per 100g) with a side of rice (R4.67) or a plain dumpling (R6.36).

Sizzlers pap and fillet.

EXTRA HOT: You can order pap and fillet as well as a variety of other meals at Sizzlers as extra hot. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

4. Sizzlers also have a couple of meals for under R25.00 at the matrix and on west campus. You can get pap and fillet for R22.00, a hotdog for R18.00 and a polony sandwich for R21.00. Available in mild, hot and for the very brave, extra hot.

Chesa Nyama russian and mini chips. Photo: Dana Da Silva

BRAAI FIX: If you’re looking for good old grilled foods you can get a russian and mini chips at Chesa Nyama. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

5. The Chinese Lantern has a variety of noodles that you can get for R22.00 at the matrix. Portions are large enough to share between two and some of the choices available are pork, chicken, beef vegetable and calamari.

FOR TWO: Chinese Lantern sweet and sour pork as well as its other noodles can be a large enough portion to share. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

FOR TWO: Chinese Lantern sweet and sour pork as well as its other noodles can be a large enough portion to share. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

6. If you feel like having some braai meat you can get a Russian and Mini Chips for R18.00 as well as Chesa Wors and Chesa Maize Fries for the same price at Chesa Nyama at the matrix.

COMBO MEAL: If you feel like combining your own meals, why not go to Students corner and get meals such as this chicken and rice. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

COMBO MEAL: If you feel like combining your own meals, why not go to Students corner and get meals such as this chicken and rice. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

7. The Zesti Lemonz, on route to west campus, has some of the best pizza on campus. You can get chicken and mushroom, margarita and mexican slices for R23.00. It may seem like a bit much but they are larger than regular slices so you get a big bite for your money.

Mexican pizza sile

PIZZA PARTY: Zesti Lemonz slices, such as this mexican pizza, are some of the best on campus. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

8. If you feel as if you have a little more money to splurge then why not get a meal from Olives and Plates at the Wits Arts Museum (WAM)? They change their menu daily but  an sample plate of what is on offer includes gourmet meatball, coucous and some lemon potatoes. Just remember they do it by weight and to keep it below R25 you will have to opt for a small portion.

Olives and Plates gourmet meatball, couscous and mash

GOURMET MENU: Olives and Plates changes their menus daily; you can get meals such as a gourmet meatball, couscous and mash. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

Man dies after fire on campus

Suspected foul play has been ruled out as the cause of a fire in the Yale Road staff residential quarters on East Campus on Friday. The fire led to the death of David Sekhoela after he sustained critical injuries.

Sekhoela, a Servest worker,  died in hospital on Saturday September 15.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

Most of the Yale Road residents are contract workers at Wits.

Richard Quinton, the responsible engineer at the Property and Infrastructure Management Division, said: “Many unsubstantiated rumours are being spread concerning the circumstances surrounding the case and [we are] considering conflicting statements received from various witnessing parties.”

No answers yet: Grieving Yale Road residents are awaiting the outcome of an investigation into the cause of the fire on Friday September 14.

Some of Sekhoela’s belongings removed from the blaze.

Sekhoela’s former roommate, Paul Skotho, was in Germiston on the night of the fire. He was informed of the incident by phone on Saturday.

He remembered Sekhoela as “a joyful person who enjoyed laughing”.

“He wasn’t very vocal, like if someone made him angry, he would get angry but he would be laughing the next day.”

Chairperson of the National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union (Nehawu) at Wits and Yale Road resident, Richard Sadiki, said Sekhoela had complained that as a contract worker he was not allowed to use just any pedestrian entrance to Wits.

Sadiki said Sekhoela had jokingly said it was better for him to go home because he was a “prisoner” at Wits.

“Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if he had just gone home,” Sadiki said.

Each room in the Yale Road residence traditionally contributes R50 to housemates who have suffered personal tragedies or to the families of those who die. Recently, R1100 was raised for the family of late resident Samson Makhunga. Sadiki said Sekhoela had not contributed to the fund for Makhunga.

Asking for donations for Sekhoela at a house meeting on Tuesday, Sadiki appealed for housemates to give voluntarily “in an African way”.

“Even if he made a mistake when he was alive, we cannot just punish him because he didn’t agree with us.”

Wits acting registrar Nita Lawton-Misra  conveyed condolences on behalf of the university.

“Our deepest sympathies go out to the family, friends and colleagues of Mr Sekhoela, and those who knew him well.”

This tragic incident is being investigated by the SAPS in collaboration with the health and safety manager of the company the victim worked for.

Published in Wits Vuvuzela 25th edition, 21st September 2012