As Told To: Tough times for independent media in South Africa

Sipho Kings (33), is a news editor at the Mail & Guardian (M&G), and  has worked at M&G for nearly a decade. 

Kings began his journalism career  as an intern, then spent a large part of his time as an investigative environment reporter. After spending a year doing a Nieman Fellowship, he became a news editor  for M&G. 

Following the announcement that Associated Media Publishing would cease operations from  May 1, the repercussions of the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown are beginning to be evident and real for independent media in the country. 

Kings speaks about how the outbreak has affected independent media,  M&G’s efforts to counterbalance the adversity that they face and reminds us of the importance of good quality media.  (more…)

INFOGRAPHIC: SA’s economic response

South Africa’s response to Covid-19 includes a public health strategy coupled with significant economic support for the country which remains in lockdown since Thursday, March 26.  This infographic illustrates the key aspects of this economic support.


African males worst off in higher education: Gauteng EFF

African males suffer the most discrimination in higher education, the Gauteng Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said on Thursday.

The organisation claimed the share of African males in higher education had been stuck at 28 percent since 2000. The party said it planned on writing a report evaluating racial and gender imbalances in higher education institutions in Gauteng.

The EFF made this claim at a press briefing headlined by its candidate for premier, Dali Mpofu, in Braamfontein.

The EFF said that if it won election in Gauteng, it would immediately implement a 100-day plan that includes holding a “youth summit” made up of young people from across the province.

Mpofu said the EFF would launch “Youth Entrepreneur Centres” that would offer free office space and Wifi access to youth business.

Mpofu said Wifi stations would be set up within the 100 days all over Gauteng, “institutions and centres will have to apply and consultations will be held, we will then prioritise it according to where it is needed.”

Premier Candidate Advocate Dali Mpofu addressing the media on  issues relating to the elections and the 100 day plan for Gauteng.

OPTIMISTIC: EFF Gauteng premier candidate Dali Mpofu addressing the media on issues relating to the elections and the 100 day plan for province.