SRC secretary general: Education campus ‘segregated’

The Wits Students Representatives Council (SRC) organised an “E-week” at the Education campus aimed at addressing apparent issues of racial segregation. But students on the campus 

White, indian part

A DIFFERENCE OF OPINION: Students are racially segregated at Wits Education Campus, according to SRC secretary general Senzekahle Mbokazi but many students disagree with her claim. Photo: Zimasa Mpemnyama

SRC secretary general Senzekahle Mbokazi said segregation has created a “negative vibe” on Wits Education Campus. She added that combating segregation was one of the reasons for the Education Week (E-Week) initiative, which happened earlier this week.

“White and Indian people are always together at the expensive cafeteria and black people always hang out at the bus stop cafeteria,” said Mbokazi.

As an education student herself, Mbokazi said she is bothered by the separation of the groups on Education Campus on the basis of race.

“We need more interactive space where we can watch performances and sit together,” she said.

Students interviewed by Wits Vuvuzela though disagreed with Mbokazi’s assertions.

“There is no segregation, not in terms of race. It’s not a bad thing if people are more comfortable sitting next to people speaking the same language,” said fourth-year student Precious Mofokeng.

First-year student, Kalvin van Wyk, said as a white person from a former Model C school it is very difficult to integrate with racial groups he didn’t know or understand “but I am trying”.