WITH VIDEO: Yebo Gogga not as creepy as you might think


Wide-eyed and eager school learners from across Johannesburg flocked to catch a glimpse of the creepy and slimy creatures at annual Yebo Gogga Yebo amaBlomo exhibition at Wits this week.

Hosted by the School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences the exhibition of curious bugs, plants and animals provides a fun but educational experience.

The theme for this year’s exhibition is Rainbow World which looks at colour in nature and science.

Donald McCullum, exhibition director and botanist said: “Colour is so important, it does so many things. The way people communicate, and animals and things use colour. It something that can warn things, it something that can deceive.

You can get an animal that’s mimicking a dangerous animal in its colours and so it gets the benefit of that dangerous animal’s street cred.”

Kids, parents and even grandparents filled the colourful Oppenheimer Life Sciences jungle as they explored the exhibition that also involved tailor-made talks and demonstrations from experts.

One of the main attractions, was “Miss Piggy” the Green Iguana as she is called, who silently flaunted her bright green colour as the grade one school kids stroked her “beard” as one kid said.

One would think that these kids would be terrified of “Wilson” the Corn Snake, but eagerly they pushed and shoved in front to get a better view and feel of Wilson.