Movie Review: Boy Choir

Starring: Kathy Bates, Josh Lucus, Eddie Izzard, Dustin Hoffman, Debra Winger, Garret Wareing and Kevin McHale

Director: Francois Girard

Producers: Judy Cairo, Carol Baum, Jane Golding

Vuvu rating- 6/10

Stet (Garret Wareing) an eleven-year-old boy lives with his single-parent mom who is battling with alcoholism. After she passes away, Stet’s father is forced to take responsibility for him. He is enrolled into an all-boy’s school which specialises in singing and is home to the National Boys’ Choir.

Although Stet has an amazing voice he struggles to adapt to the school at first. The fact that he cannot read music makes life hard for him. In his first block of school he is unable to make it into the touring choir which has the school’s best singers in the National Boys’ choir going to Japan.

While the choir is in Japan, Stet works hard to improve his vocals. This is with the help of his piano teacher Wooly (Kevin McHale), who realises that Stet has an ability to learn quickly and a natural flare for music. He manages to get into the choir just in time for the next tour which sparks jealousy amongst the other boys. A rivalry starts between Devon (Joe West) who is usually the lead singer, and Stet. At the end of the day it is up to the strict choirmaster Carvelle (Dustin Hoffman) to decide who will be good enough to lead the choir in New York where they will be having their biggest concert.


This is the perfect movie for those who like happy endings. BoyChoir is the kind of story that will have you teary eyed because it shows how talent, hard-work and perseverance is all that is needed to succeed. It highlights the fact that there is hope for those who come from nothing.

This movie tends to be a bit predictable at times as it follows the kind of “Cinderella story” narrative. I believe it is more suitable for teenagers but is not stimulating enough for the older viewers.

BoyChoir could be more enjoyable for choral music fans as the boys have very good voices. The boys singing in their soprano voices are pleasant on the ear.

What can be learnt from the movie is the idea of living in the moment. After his voice breaks, Stet is confused about why his done all these singing lessons but ends up ‘losing his voice’. His teacher Wooly responds: “The lessons themselves are the point”