Knocks respects the ladies


No Offense: Knockando Men’s Hall Communications Officer Gavin Pasha says his res is all about brotherhood, not sexual objectification of first-year women.
Photo: Mfuneko Toyana

KNOCKANDO has zero tolerance for the sexual objectification of women, especially senior Witsies pursuing first-year students, a spokesperson for the residence said.

Knockando spokesperson Gavin Pasha, 4th year BSc, told Wits Vuvuzela that Knockando made it a point to teach their first-year residents to respect women.

“You come here as a first-year and you are vulnerable, that’s why we have the rule that seniors aren’t allowed to talk to the first-year girls,”  Pasha said.

He fended off suggestions that some of their induction activities for new students and the songs

sung by Knockando boys were overly sexual. One song is called “Touch, grab and hold” and some claim it refers to groping women.

But Pasha insisted that [pullquote]”Touch, grab, and hold” referred to the act of holding a beer bottle, rather than engaging in any sexual act.[/pullquote]

“It was analysed incorrectly,” he said, explaining it was the name of a party they held last year.”

Pasha also said that Knockando did not subject new students to any forms of harsh initiation.

“We have activities that improve the brotherhood and connection between first-years and seniors. We build the brotherhood so in the end you’ll be able to chow course,” Pasha said.