It’s ok for men to cry, sometimes

There are few moments in life when men can act like girls and cry.

One of these (as everyone knows) is the moment a sporting team wins a major event, with the nation fully behind it. I have concluded that there is at least one other moment when it is okay for a man to cry: when Grey’s Anatomy is on.

Grey’s Anatomy gives men the opportunity to let out their inner menstrual cycle once a week. The scriptwriters, God bless their souls, have developed a wonderful formula. They have managed to create a moment in every episode when you involuntarily start crying.

An emotional script combined with an emotive musical score has created a new, but yet unproven, psychological syndrome. It demands that every person watching Grey’s Anatomy simply let’s go of all ego and manliness…and cries. (Wow, this is going to be weird when I discover I’m the only person who suffers from this).

Crying is not the big problem. Being caught crying is. I suggest you don’t try to hide it. You will make it awkward for the person next to you. Embrace it. Feel the cry. Be one with the cry.

But if you can’t carry that off, lock yourself in the room. Make sure you don’t make a sound, even when your favourite character dies. Otherwise your mother will tell your father and he’ll ask: “Are you being bullied at school, boy?” Only for your mother to remind him that you’re 24 and graduated from university three years ago.

Don’t end your day with Grey’s Anatomy. Watch a comedy, play Sudoku or check your Facebook before saying goodnight to your parents. This is very important, particularly if your walls are as thin as mine. I speak from experience: no-one wants to fall asleep knowing they’re straight, but hearing their sexuality discussed in worried tones from the room next door.

PS: You can cry watching the movies, The Notebook and Remember Me. However, there is no way you can cry for mundane programmes like Gossip Girl.