CURATION: The Gupta invasion on social media

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The Gupta invasion on social media

On Tuesday the Gupta family private jet brought in about 200 wedding guests from India. But instead of landing on a public runway, the private plant landed on a national key point, the Waterkloof military base in Pretoria. The guests were brought to South Africa to attend the wedding of Vega Gupta.

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The Gupta guests were then escorted off the base in a convoy by the SAPS VIP Protection Unit with blue lights and sirens.
Police resources at Waterkloof for #Guptawedding VIP protection #bluelight escort Pic:EWN

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) said it had not given the Guptas permission to land their jet on at Waterkloof. The ANCreleased a statement demanding an explanation from the SANDF and said that “those whocannot account must be brought to book”. 

"We didn’t knw bwt the landing" yet there we’re police escorts? Lol plzzz#GuptaweddingSiyabonga
#GuptaWedding Mantashe: "We call on the SANDF to explain how this private aircraft landed at Waterkloof; our National Key Point." BBEWN Reporter
Its hard to believe the landing of the Guptas’ Airbus at Waterkloof was pulled of without political authorisation. – @DavidMaynierDemocratic Alliance
The landing of this private jet on a national key point and the government’s handling of the situation has been called an embarassment and insult to South Africans.
The anc govt is treating this country as a banana do u let the guptas land at a military base?mahata
The bumbling and fumbling of government in trying to explain this Gupta debacle just proves things are out of control and embarrassingGareth Cliff
COSATU General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi has labelled the landing at a National Key Point an invasion and an insult to South Africans.Sunrise on e.TV
@mbulivuyo Our country is bcoming a joke! How did the Gupta’s flight land at our national key point? Zuma’s friends r taking us for granted!Worker’s Day
Agree! Made us look like a banana republic! RT @clarencesdb: SA Govt, joke of the week! They deserve Mampara of the Week title! #GuptasNkululeko Sithole
Police minister Nathi Mthetwa reacted to allegations of official police escorts for the guests of the Gupta family saying that it was likely that these police were moonlighting. 
Utter madness! RT@alexeliseev #GuptaWedding Police Min alleged moonlighting cops and civilian cars with blue lights. Curiouser and curiouserCaeri Dunnell
"GUPTA VIP… convoy might have been illegal", said Nathi Mthethwa. Sooo embarrasing, indlela ebebephaphazela ngayo. Misuse of the State resources.Ntobeko Nobetsiki
If Gupta’s used fake cops, as Mthethwa alleges, why aren’t arrest warrants being issued… #GuptaGateLabo™
There was a strong reaction on Twitter to the apparent abuse of state resources. 
How long shall SAs tolerate reckless use of states resources.While the poor continue to suffer more? #GuptaWeddingDumisani Kubheka
COSATU NW: GUPTA family is still under police protection and all their trips have police escorts, using state vehicles.@eNCAnews #guptagateHajra Omarjee
There’s something wrong with a country where kids have to piss in a bucket but the presidents friends can land on Waterkloof Air Force Base and abuse taxpayers money!! #Guptawedding#Vickey Leandros
It feels like we (tax payers) are being milked by the ANC for the Guptas…Simanga Mthembu

The Guptas explanation was that their jet was too large to land at Lanseria and that permission was requested and obtained by the Indian HighCommission. Chief of stateprotocol Ambassador Bruce Koloane has already been suspended after preliminary findings on the incident. According to Collins Chabane, minister in the Presidency, Koloane communicated directlywith the Indian High Commission without informing any other governmentofficials. 

Surely nobody can even consider this bs that Bruce #Koloane is the guilty party in this #guptagate scandal, right?Dawn Muller
Apparently #Bruce Koloane has so much power as to command the air force bypassing Defence HQ. #Bruce is our new Superhero–SuperGupta.palesa morudu
R we 2 assume that suspended Chief of State Protocol,Bruce Koloane,acted solely on his own cognisance&discretion?Hard to believe. #Guptagateebrahim fakir
Scapegoat "@ewnreporter: BREAKING #GuptaWedding the Department of International Relations has confirmed it has suspended it’s chief protocolMfanafuthi Mlambo
Waterkloof is a National Key Point,person who has authority over #NationalKeyPoints is Min of Defence,Why is is Protocol officer on Leave ?Nkumbuzo ka Nkomo


Thedepartment of international relations  ordered that the Gupta jet be moved from themilitary base and has confirmed that the Gupta guests will not be departing fromthe base. 

SARS customs official were not present whenthe jet landed. SARS said it would be conducting its own investigation. 
Police minister Nathi Mthetwa said national police commissioner Riah Phiyega has launched an internal investigation into the incident.