10 things South Africans abroad miss most

South Africa is an undeniably beautiful and unique country. Those who have left the country can’t help but miss the many small things that make South Africa home.

1. Being able to watch live South African sports games at a reasonable time, not 2am.


When you are too tired to watch the game because it is on at 2am your time. Image: Disney / Via thebestgifsforme.blogspot.com


2. Cosmos blooming at the end of summer to show that winter is coming.

Cosmos Jack Holloway

Cosmos grows along most roads to signal the start of lowered tempretures. Photo: Jack Holloway


3. South African Sunsets and Sunrises.


Sunset silhouette of Johannesburg. Photo: Samantha Camara


4. Buying fresh biltong hanging in the butchery.

Cape Town, South Africa

Biltong selection. Photo: fabulousfab


5. Supporting South African Sports teams with other South Africans instead of being the only South African fan in the room.

Peter baker

A lonely South African Supporter. Photo: Peter Baker


6. The diversity of the South African nation.

chrisna herbst

A small representation of South African cultural diversity. Photo: Chrisna Herbst


7. Simple South African foods.

vaiz Ha pap

Simple South African food menu offered at the Kruger National Park. Photo: Vaiz Ha pap


8. Having people understand your South African accent and slang.

9. The Abundance of natural beauty.

Blyde River Canyon - 019

The beautiful Blyde River Canyon. Photo: Fiver Locker


10. Finding South African sweets easily.

Yumminess 101: South African Goodies

An illustration of favourite sweets that many South Africans abroad miss. Image: Dimitra Tzanos