Students urged to stay LinkedIn after graduation

Student Life runs workshops to help students navigate the world of work after graduating.

Student Life hosted a Life After Graduation workshop on Tuesday, May 2, whose aim was to equip students with tools to navigate the corporate world through the use of LinkedIn after graduating.

Kingsway residents engage in group discussions during the LinkedIn workshop on Tuesday, May 2, 2023. Photo: Sfundo Parakozov

Life After Graduation is a running programme at Kingsway student accommodation in Auckland Park which presents weekly workshops on networking, personal branding and job searching. This week’s was termed “LinkedIn Workshop”.

Host and chairperson of Life After Graduation, Mietani Chitambira, carried an engaging workshop in which he separated attendees into groups and gave them five minutes to answer the question: Why is it important to know how to tell a story?

In order to sell or market yourself, and to avoid confusion and lack of engagement, were two recurring answers from the groups. Chitambira linked this to the importance of marketing yourself on LinkedIn to attract potential employers. He also touched on the importance of writing a brief yet concise LinkedIn profile and recommended the use of ChatGPT for assistance.

“Here at Kingsway when it rains, we don’t have a big turnout but today we had a big turnout which is odd during test week. It shows how hungry people are for the information,” Chitambira told Wits Vuvuzela.

Manager of Student life, Nyasha Savala, added that people needed to start treating LinkedIn as they would their Instagram page by constantly updating it. Nevertheless, she said that the turnout was great, and she was always happy to see the growth in the workshops.

Student Life will keep in touch with the attendees by sending information about job vacancies, and will also give the students certificates of attendance at the end of the workshops.

Kabelo Mohoraselabe, a University of Johannesburg student told Wits Vuvuzela, “I actually liked [the workshop] and I found it very informative. I have to update my CV and make sure I work more on my skills and experiences so I can update my LinkedIn account.” The next workshop, titled Conflict Resolution in the Workspace will take place on Monday, May 8.


FEATURED IMAGE: Chairperson of Life After Graduation, Mietani Chitambira, gives a presentation on how to create a better profile on LinkedIn at Kingsway student accommodation. Photo: Sfundo Parakozov