WITH VIDEO: Don’t DIY ladies

Keziah Gabriel is definitely no bile-spewing drill sergeant, nor is she a steroid-chocked personal trainer who thinks only in muscle to fat ratios.

The closest the 4th year MBBCH student got to launching a volley of abusive language intended to motivate her whacked out charges, at the tail-end of first session of Booty Camp, was: “Are you tired?  Don’t push yourself too hard,” coupled with a big smile and a light puff on her whistle.

The trained lifeguard is just really passionate about the more physical aspects of life.

The Amanzimtoti-born self-confessed  “fitness freak” said she got the idea to start “Booty Camp”, group exercise initiative, (held at the WEC sports fields on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays), after noticing girls from the Reith Hall residence exercising by themselves but not really “doing it right”.

“I do most of this stuff myself; I’m always researching new work outs. I realised that most of these girls were fit at school where there was organised sport, but it becomes difficult to fit a fitness plan into your university schedule,” Gabriel said.

Gabriel said it was easy as a medicine student to spend the little free time you had away from your books locked-up in your room watching series. Booty Camp, she said, was all about giving girls who wanted to get fit an opportunity to do it side by side with fellow classmates in an atmosphere of friendship.

She insisted that what she was offering was the right way to get fit

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