Wits Student Mugged

A student has been mugged and stabbed in the hand near Wits Medical School.

Rujeko, a medical student ,who did not want her last name revealed, said she was leaving med school at 11pm two weeks ago when she was attacked in the street,

“I saw two guys across the road, and one guy came running towards me.”

The 4th year said that while one of the men grabbed her arm and held her, the other stabbed her in the hand with an unknown object.

“I fought them and tried to escape but one of the guys pulled me by my bag and slapped me for screaming,” she said.

The attackers were after her cellphone, Rujeko said, but two cars stopped on the road to assist her which caused the men to flee.

“The [attackers] ran when one of the guys in the car got out and started chasing him. There were two ladies in the other car and they were trying to comfort me, and gave me a ride home.”

Rujeko said she was studying at med school and that it is usual for students to leave the campus late. “But I heard that they are beefing up security now, by having security accompany people,” she said.

This was confirmed by security guard, Albert Mathabatha, at the main entrance of Wits Medical School. “We now escort students from here to Education Campus and sometimes to Parktown Village.”

Mathbatha said that he often sees students leave med school after midnight, “But we have not had many problems with boys, so we try and transport or accompany girls.”

He was unaware of the mugging incident.

Rujeko said that she did not report the incident to the police; however her friends reported it to the dean of health sciences.