[STORIFY]: Mandla airs the dirty laundry

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Nelson Mandela’s grandson Mandla Mandela spoke in great detail at a media briefing yesterday, following the outcome of the feuding family’s court case over family graves.

He said that he would no longer address the media and he wanted to focus on eradicating poverty in Mvezo.

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Crowds pray for Madiba magic

WE LOVE YOU TATA: Candles light up and image of Nelson Mandela and the world prays for his speedy recovery. Photo: Nokuthula Manyathi

WE LOVE YOU TATA: Candles light up an image of Nelson Mandela as the world prays for the icon’s speedy recovery.
Photo: Nokuthula Manyathi

Yesterday, Nelson Mandela spent his 24th day at the Mediclinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria following a lung infection.  Crowds of people have been arriving outside the hospital to show their love for the former South African president.

For the last three weeks, the world has been unified in prayer for a South African hero whose condition is described as critical but stable.

Jana Basson, a 13 year old school girl, took time during her school holiday to pay tribute to a man she calls her role model.  “I love Madiba. He is my role model and a symbol of peace,” she said. [pullquote align=”right”]He is like a dad – he shouldn’t die.[/pullquote]

Wall of Wishes

Visitors from across the world have continued to show their support by writing messages on the now famous Wall of Wishes – a wall outside the hospital that people have used to post messages and leave gifts  for Mandela.

Molatudu Zinde a member of the Mamelodi SOS Village Grannies said they had come to sing for Mandela because he was an icon of the world and the father of the nation.

“Madiba is an icon of the world. He is like a dad – he shouldn’t die,” she said

Zinde said she was saddened by news that the Mandela’s were in the centre of a court case about the Mandela family gravesite. She hoped they would stop fighting and find more amicable ways to solve their differences,

“The ill health of Mandela should make them come together. They must stop fighting and just advise each other in amicable way.  Once they stop fighting Mandela will heal,” said Zinde

No one is as loved as Madiba

Popular South African praise poet Mzwakhe Mbuli also arrived in Pretoria yesterday to show his support by performing a poem in front of the Wall of Wishes.  Mbuli said Madiba was a unifier and a reconciler.  “No one can be compared to Madiba. No one is as loved as Madiba,” he said. [pullquote align=”right”]This man is intelligent, a fighter, a true leader[/pullquote]

Mbuli, who was arrested in 1999 for armed robbery and possession of a hand grenade said that during his incarnation Mandela had visited him in jail and brought him some food.

Throughout the day people from all across came to the world stopped by the Wall of Wishes to show their supports. Members of the Nigerian Students Union from the University of Pretoria approached the Wall of Wishes in song.

The believer

“Mandela is an Ubuntu icon,” said Cyril Njoku the president of the union. He said Mandela was able to create peaceful co-existence between people of different races and backgrounds.

Wilson Isebor, also a member of the Nigerian student Union, said Mandela taught him to never give up and to always have faith in your dreams.

“He didn’t give up even after going to jail for very long time. He still came out and fought for what he believed,” said Isebor

A fighter, a true leader

As the sun set, candles were light by new arrivals to emulate the Wall of Wishes. Journalists camping outside the hospital for the last 24 days erected  a white screen where they played videos and images of Mandela.

And slowly a small group of people starts to gather in front of the screen. “This man was intelligent, a fighter, a true leader,” says a passerby.


CURATION: Footage of ailing Mandela causes a twitter storm



Footage of ailing Mandela causes a twitter storm

On Monday ANC top leaders visited former President, Nelson Mandela at his Houghton home.

Storified by Wits Vuvuzela · Tue, Apr 30 2013 05:41:50

Former President Nelson Mandela is doing well at his home in Houghton Johannesburg.sabcdigitalnews
"Madiba is doing well, he was smiling and shaking hands with everyone. He’s up and about…"-Zuma. Which Madiba was JZ talking about?Thabiso TT Tema
"Mandela looks well and relaxed"No, he doesn’t look well and he definitely doesn’t look relaxed @SABCNewsOnlineKenichi Serino
The video was broadcast exclusively on SABC News and they ran with the footage yesterday. The footage was met with outrage on Twitter and Facebook. 
I cringe at this #Madiba video. Shameful. And the idiot using camera flash. Madiba has always hated it. No flash! SMHBarry Bateman
Tasteless, tacky and totally shameless. #ANC visit with #Madiba – and yet the ANC has the gall to criticise the media about respecting him.Debora Patta
Why is the #ANC #Zuma using #Mandela for their marketing cant they just leave #Madiba aloneThato Buck
Finally saw this Mandela video and I feel ill and disgusted. The ANC and SABC should be ashamed of themselves.Andy
How the ANC continues to use tata Mandela for propaganda and feel no shame especially in his current health condition is seriously beyond me. Poor tata Mandela was static, while Zuma and that reporter were going on about how high spirited he is. Why does tata Mandela’s family allow these people to do this? YHO I’M DISGUSTEDBuhle Nkonki
Mandela survived 27 years in prison only to become a prisoner of the ANC marketing machine.Trevor Noah
Public should know that @eNCAnews and most major news companies have drawn up a code of conduct on reporting on #Mandela Gvt has ignored itPatrick Conroy
Other social networkers however, were on the opposite end of the spectrum and welcomed the footage of Mandela. 
am so hppy to c the latest pic of our former PRESIDENT Rhlihlahla Mandela taken ysterday with Jacob Zuma,Baleka Mbethe and Cyril Ramaphosa his looking gud abanye bebesele bexoka read tht info on Cape times molweni banganeMthuthuzeli Mati
Thankyou SABC for giving us a visit to see Nelson Mandela voices.news24.com/esethu-hasane/…ANC YOUTH VOICES
The visit by the National Office Bearers of Tata #Mandela was in line with the accepted norms of Ubuntu that we value our elderly…#ANCDavid Nathi Shabangu
If you don’t want to see #Mandela don’t look….Ndoomesaw

ANC Spokesperson, Jackson Mthembu responded by saying: “Those who are complaining that Madiba’s latest images [were] a publicity stunt by the [African National Congress] are eating sour grapes…. We are happy we shared Madiba with the world, even in his frail state.” 

Other users were less incensed than most. 
So Madiba must look 25 and Zuma was suppose to say he is about to die, some people think they know too much..fb e sentse batho any nut can make noise!!Kagelelo Banks Kentse
Will everyone stop going on how frail & unwell Nelson Mandela looks he’s 94 years old for gods sake & has been ill #sillycommentsSarah Jane Stanley
Sometimes I feel like SA is scared they’re going to lose their spot in the global guest-list if Mandela had to pass away..Lungelo Dlamini