Jubs leap their way to the top spot

JUBS KICKS BUTT: Jubs (blue) and Junction (green) fight it out ’til the finish with Jubs showing Junction how its done. Photo: Prelene Singh

JUBS KICKS BUTT: Jubs (blue) and Junction (green) fight it out ’til the finish with Jubs showing Junction how its done. Photo: Prelene Singh

JUBILEE Residence proved unbeatable in their game against Junction on Tuesday night in the second season of the Wits Internal Netball League (WINL) at Diggs Field.

Jubs thrashed Junction 28-4. Junction proved unmatched for their opposition team who were well practised for the game.

Jubs hit the floor running with aggressive defence and great airborne throws from the only male in the group. Jubs managed to basket nine goals in the first quarter, leaving Junction behind by eight goals.

Umpire Hitekani Makhabele, 2nd year BCom, had a tough job at hand keeping the Jubs players under control with their scoring spirits.

Whilst the ball spent the most time in the Jubs banding area, Makhabele blew the whistle for many centre passes.

By the end of the second quarter, Jubs proved a definite force to be reckoned with, with an imposing 14-goal lead over Junction.

Junction was lazy in defence and failed to take advantage of their passes. The players did not give accurate cues to one another and this proved detrimental to their whole game.

The third quarter started off well for Junction when they upped passing tactics and defence. They managed to basket two goals with Jubs only scoring one goal.

The pressure mounted in the last quarter with both teams improving their game with harder zone defence, paired with more direct attacks.

Both teams were grinding their hardest with Junction players screaming encouraging words (“Come on girls”) to up the momentum in a final push to the finish line.

This team spirit, while it was good, went down in flames when Jubs scored a further seven goals in the last quarter.

At the same time in the next court several other teams competed vigorously..

Lindiwe Radebe, vice chairperson for Wits Netball, said that if you want to be a part of the WINL all you need to do is get a team together and get registered to compete.

The WINL is in its second week of the second season.

The tournament features 12 teams including Barnato, David Webster, Jubilee, Sunnyside, Girton, Medhurst, Medics, Reith, Esselen, Braamfontein Centre and newcomers Madova.

Games are scheduled from 6pm every Tuesday during the season.

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Wits Vuvuzela. Esselen grinds Girton. May 10, 2013.


Esselen grinds Girton

Esselen Trumps: Esselen goes for gold against Girton House

Esselen Trumps: Esselen goes for gold against Girton House

THE ESSELEN netball team’s fast-placed play proved too much for rivals Girton House, leaving them victorious 20-12 after their Tuesday match at Dig Field. The fast paced match left Girton struggling to keep up as Esselen dominated the first three quarters with a solid goal shooting team.Esselen members Palesa Choma and Nomfundo Koloi worked well together and used every opportunity to score goals. Their defence was also solid and managed to keep the Girton shooters at bay.

Goalkeeper Mpho Mokoena was a force to be reckoned with in the Girton shooting circle, often retrieving the ball before Girton could score.

Girton felt the pressure and were sloppy with their passes, often losing balls they should have used to their advantage. After a stern talking to from the coach, Girton’s defence appeared stronger in the third quarter. This kept Esselen on their toes with Girton goalkeeper Kwezi Katamzi becoming a formidable foe for Esselen goalshooter Nomfundo Koloi. While their defence was on point, Girton still had difficulty driving the game forward towards their goals.

The last quarter of the game intensified as both teams made efforts to win the match. Girton gave it their all and matched the Esselen pace. They made solid advances to their goal posts, scoring a couple of goals and giving Esselen a run for their money.As the pressure mounted Esselen started to panic and become careless with their passes. However, this they found their feet again, kept their defence strong and eventually came out victorious.

The Esselen and Girton match wereone of several played this week in the Wits internal netball league. Other teams that came out on top include Wits Junction with a 20-12 victory over Reith and Jubilee with a 27-8 victory over Barnato.

Mavoda suffered a crushing 2-43 defeat against Medics, the 2012 champions.

Braamfontein Centre and David Webster played a smooth game that left David Webster victorious 19-12. The match between Sunnyside and Medhurst was postponed.

The next round of the league continues on April 14 at 6pm on West Campus at the Dig Field.


Medical School netball team clinches #1 spot

All-time winners Jubilee Hall were infuriated when they were beaten for the first time 14-11 by Medics at the Wits Netball Internal League (INL) finals on August 27.

In an intense game, Jubilee Hall and Medics maximised their opportunities for shots. The ladies from Medical School maintained their accurate shooting record, and were leading by two points at halftime with a score of 8-6.

The Jubilites  displayed impressive teamwork and staged a comeback in the third quarter, when both teams scored two goals each. But the two points that Medics won earlier gave them the lead.

Jubes failed to come back fully from behind and the Medics finally won the game 14-11.

Medics walked away with a trophy and title; the champions of the Wits Internal Netball. Jubilees were awarded silver medals as runners-up.

The Medics victory took not only Jubilee by surprise as they have never lost in all the league games and to the Medics team.

Medics coach and player Namene Amwele said they were “super excited” as they had lost to the same team in their first game.

“We do not get much time to practise because of the nature of our medical course but we try to meet once a week or every two weeks,” she said.

“We make the most of the time we get.”

Amwele received the player of the season award and Medics’s Tess Blignaut was awarded the most promising player along with Webster’s Tumi Kgosi and Khanyisile Khanyile from Barnato.

Olwethu Twalo, who plays for Jubilee, received the players’ player award.

Neighbouring teams David Webster and Barnato Hall played off for the third place position, and Webster won 14-10. They received bronze medals.

Photo: Sthandiwe Mchunu

Barnato Hall walked away with the team of the season trophy.

All-male netball team not catered for at Wits

The Wits sports’s website encourages students and staff who want to “engage in sport on a recreational or competitive level” to register for a sport club of their choice, but not all sport codes cater to the needs of the students.

Male netball players complain that their skills are not catered for.

Aubrey Mapoulo, 3rd year BAcc, says when he came to wits in 2007, he wanted to sign up for the netball club but after they told him to write his name and number down, he never heard from them.

Mapoulo who also coches and plays for David Webster residence, says his hopes were “to be affiliated with a club in Gauteng” through Wits netball club as he played for the provincial league in Limpopo.

Wits Netball sport officer, Lydia Monyepao, says she is looking at the possibilities of having a male netball team next year.

The challenge this year was that there were about 7 guys who wanted to subscribe and if they could have made a league of about 15/20 people then we could have registered a team, says Monyepao.

3rd year BA student, Olwethu Twalo, who has 15 years experience in netball and obtained his provincial colours in high school expected to be one of the leading male players for Wits netball.

In 2009, while shooting some hoops with his friend in hopes of being recognised by the then coach, they were asked to step off of the court by a man named John. He believes that John was the coach at that time.

Male netball players are allowed to participate internally, in residences, it meant Twalo’s only choice was playing for a residence in 2009. He joined the Esselen residence netball team which was mixed.

Playing with girls doesn’t challenge his skills because guys are fast, says Mapoulo.

Twalo says, “Some girls at JCE had a problem with us, male players, because we were male and good.”

“Netball is perceived as a female and gay

sport,” says Mapoulo. Some guys who play volleyball have approached him, wanting to start a netball team for guys because they too can play netball.