Semenya seals the silver medal

Caster Semenya claimed silver in the women’s 800m final last night.

Semenya qualified with the fastest time for the final but failed to beat Mariya Sarinova to the gold.

The Limpopo runner lost to the Russian runner but completed the race with her season’s best run of 1:57.23 seconds.

The silver medal was the sixth medal for team South Africa at the 2012 Olympics. Fellow Russian. Ekaterina Poyistogova, won the bronze medal.

Semenya sat at the back of the pack for the first 400m and waited till the final bend to make her move. This had been her plan for the earlier heats which saw her qualify underneath the two minute mark in the semi-finals on Thursday.

Her plan saw her sit last with the final 400m left before she powered her way past the other competitors.

This was Semenya’s second silver medal at a major competition. She finished second at the same event at the world championships last year.

Semenya admitted that she would need to train harder even though she had the guidance of former Olympic champion Maria Mutola as her coach for the games.

The women’s 800m final was the last individual track event.

Second gold for South Africa

Photo: Supersport

Chad le Clos beat his “role model” Michael Phelps with a 0.05 second lead in the 200 meters men’s butterfly last night.

This is the second gold medal for South Africa, the first coming from Cameron van der Burgh who won gold for his record-breaking win in the 100m men’s breast-stroke.

Commentators had Phelps pegged as a sure win. Phelps has won 19 Olympic medals during his career, 15 of which are gold.

Le Clos had slightly trailed Phelps throughout the race, overtaking him at the last moment.

Chad le Clos told the Mail and Guardian, “”When I turned I looked at him and there was a trigger point I just thought I could try do something special. The last 25 metres came in slow-mo and I just remember thinking to myself and my coach saying ‘keep it long and make sure you don’t shorten up.'”

South Africa is currently sitting in 11th place on the medal board.

Pictures of the race