VowFM presenter switches frequencies

Award-winning ‘Kgosigadi’ is grateful for the four-year nurturing she got at the Wits radio station.  

VowFM presenter Boipelo Hlapane has joined the recently launched North-West-based commercial radio station, YouFM. Hlapane, also known as Kgosigadi, will co-host a breakfast show, starting on Monday, April 3.  

YouFM made the announcement on their Twitter page on Friday, March 24, along with that of other additions to the station’s team.  

Hlapane (28) said that the appointment came as no surprise to her. “The work I did at VowFM speaks for itself.” As a recipient of the station’s people’s person choice award in 2020, she believes that the technical skills she acquired at the Academy of Sound Engineering are what separate her from the typical radio host.  

She joined Vow in 2018 as a stand-in presenter, after resigning from the International Hotel School in Sandton as a student representative. She went on to get a stable slot on Area Code as a co-host with Boipelo Mooketsi, and by the time she left, had also been presenter for That Lunch Show, VowFM Drive and Breakfast Punch

She heads to YouFM with intentions to repeat what earned her the South African Radio Award for best daytime show in 2021. “I took over That Lunch Show, and a year later it won an award. The style and voice I introduced earned me recognition,” Hlapane says. 

Boipelo ‘Kgosigadi’ Hlapane (front) poses with her then co-host, Ayanda Ntuli, during VowFM Drive in 2022. Photo: VowFM Twitter page (@vowfm)

In 2022, she was nominated again for the best daytime show and for the best daytime show presenter on VowFM Drive. Although she walked away empty-handed that time, she was not discouraged. “I had to remember that sometimes you must let what you love be your killer.” 

She leaves VowFM after a short introduction to the listeners of Breakfast Punch. Hlapane is filled with a lot of gratitude towards the station: “[VowFM] will forever be home.” 

VowFM programme manager Junior Malinga told Wits Vuvuzela that the radio station is a door opener for anyone with a passion for radio. “[VowFM] gives inexperienced interns necessary skills and trains their brain to start treating working in radio as an actual job.” 

The show she will be co-hosting alongside Dj Ankletap, YOUR Mornings with Malume Tap will air Monday to Friday, from 5am to 9am, on FM 89.8 to FM 103.9, youfm.co.za, DStv channel 842 or the YouFM app. 

FEATURED IMAGE: Boipelo Hlapane in front of a poster announcing her imminent arrival at YouFM. Photo: YouFM Twitter page (@YOUFM89)


‘My first love has always been presenting’

VOICE of Wits (VoW FM) programming manager, Matthew Malcolm, has stepped down from his position to be a presenter at YFM, a commercial youth radio station in Johannesburg.

The Wits graduate, formerly known as Matthew Law but now rebranding himself as DJ Flax, started at VoW FM as a presenter during his first year of study in 2014.

“Until September 2015 I did every show under the sun, and it was just to get experience,” DJ Flax said.

Thereafter he presented the breakfast show for three years, while completing a Bachelor of Arts and furthering his training at the Wits Radio Academy. “The most difficult thing is resilience,” said DJ Flax. VoW FM radio presenter, Tshepo Thaela, echoed these sentiments, saying “Anyone can have a good idea, but putting in the work to bring it to life – that’s something special.”

The 23-year-old presenter added, “I really enjoyed working with Matthew because he always had cool ideas and made things happen.”

YFM programming manager, Tumelo Diaho-Monaheng, told Wits Vuvuzela, “VoW FM is a good platform for aspiring radio journalists to gain work experience. It has structure and great people managing the station.”

“I would suggest anyone hoping to go into radio should do it through the campus space because it forces you to do everything and think creatively,” said DJ Flax.

“Matthew’ understanding of the medium and its impact on the listener was very impressive.

“He has worked very hard at earning his stripes at VoW FM and he is a keen learner. That’s what I am looking for,” said Diaho-Monaheng.

Although VoW FM has a high turnover rate, DJ Flax assured Wits Vuvuzela  that, “VoW FM has a phenomenal set of volunteers who have taken on roles where they can to ensure that this hasn’t affected the station.”

Since DJ Flax started at VoW FM, he says, “The station hasn’t really changed all that much. There’s such a culture of pride for the station that it gets passed down to every new intake.”


Masechaba Lekalake tackles the role of women in radio

This years’ Radio Days Africa conference held at Wits was not short of power players in the industry who gave their insights and accounts of the radio arena. The event was aimed at highlighting the ever-growing and fast changing industry of radio, and Africa’s particular role in the business.

Zambian born South African actress and radio host Masechaba Lekalake answered the question: Is prime-time radio a male preserve? And she was not short of answers.

Lekalake is well known for her radio show Power Life on Gauteng’s Power FM 98.7, and she expressed that in South Africa,we are doing very well in getting women onto radio and “We should give ourselves a pat on the back.”

She also emphasized that we need to do away with the idea that when a woman comes into the industry it will be difficult, Lekalake says we need to start changing that agenda.

She co-anchored her presentation with Leo Manne of Trace TV. Manne touched on the evolution of radio from an audio platform into a visual one, where webcams are placed in radio studios and now audiences can see what a presenter may look like.

Lekalake stressed that if a woman is strong and has a story to tell, it should be told.

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SCIENCE INSIDE: The legalisation of weed in South Africa

The medical benefits of marijuana have long been debated. Does it help to curb pain? Can chronic weed smoking make you crazy? Can smoking weed become an addiction?

This week’s episode of The Science Inside examines the science of smoking weed. The prospect of weed being made legal in South Africa, the medicinal benefits, its impact on mental illness and how addiction works in the brain are discussed with a number of medical professionals, including psychiatrist Yusef Moosa.

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SCIENCE INSIDE: The science of Mandela’s death

On the 5th of December 2013 the father of our nation, Nelson Mandela, died at his home. When the world heard – they mourned. And in South Africa for ten days his body was kept preserved so we could say our goodbyes to his remains in person until he was buried on December 15.

This week’s episode of the weekly The Science Inside show looks at how science influenced the 10 day stretch that every South African will remember – first, what is the psychology of human grief, then how have our burial practices evolved since mummification and what is the chemistry behind keeping a body preserved for ten days in the South African summer heat?

Listen to the full podcast here to gain a deeper understanding into what those ten days signified in a uniquely South African context.

SCIENCE INSIDE: Forensic evidence

This week the world is zooming in on the Oscar Pistorius trial and the Science Inside was no different.

The forensic evidence of the Pistorius trial was the topic up for discussion in this week’s show. Professor Stephen Tuson from The Wits Law Clinic and forensic scientist Dr David David Klatzow joined Paul McNally in-studio. They discussed how the quality of an expert witness is crucial to the trial and unpack all the forensic details from the bullets to the blood to why he carried her down the stairs.

On this the second day of the trial, listen to the podcast to hear what to look out for as the trial goes on.