INFOGRAPHIC: Party smart, party safe

It is party season at Wits with res parties and the Engineer’s Breakfast still to hit campus.  But with dangers of date rape, theft and drunken fights threatening festivities, Witsies have developed their own ways of safe-guarding their after-dark activities.

First year, BSc student Xiao Liang always makes sure to hold her drink in her hand at all times and when dancing, makes sure no one dumps anything inside.

Wandile Ngwenya, 2nd year BAccSci said “I’m holding a bottle and if I’m not looking I put my thumb over it.”

Melissa Kabanguka, 2nd year BA Psychology  said it’s important to go out with friends you trust. “Don’t stay alone with someone you are not comfortable with”.

Witsies are encouraged to drink responsibility to avoid dangerous situations.



INFOGRAPHIC: Safety tips for Witsies

In light of the increased incidents of crime on campus and in the surrounding areas, Wits Campus Control released a statement to inform students on what has been happening and more specifically what they should be looking out for. Wits Vuvuzela captured this information in an easy to use safety infographic.

Safety (final)