Shaking up the world of Shakespeare

A former Wits student has used her drama qualifications to shake up learners’ experience of reading prescribed literature. 

Nobulali Dangazele (26) who is best known for her roles in local dramas and series has used her Master’s degree in Dramatic Arts as a tool to make education department prescribed books fun to learn . The programme’s website describes it as having come out of “a need to make Shakespeare workshops. and books … easy to understand.” This is done using drama, theatre, multimedia and interactive

The programme is called Shakexperience and is a branch of Dangazele’s company, Nobulali Productions, which was founded in 2008. The programme employs four full time and eight part-time employees. Two of the employees, Tumy Motsoatsoe and Lalu Mokuku, are also ex-Witsies.

Shakexperience facilitates drama workshops for Department of Education and Independent Examination Board prescribed books. The workshops assist learners in finding an easier and fun way to learn literature.

Shakexperience will be hosting a Royal Shakespeare company representative, Tracy Irish, at the Wits school of arts. The workshop will be from 9am-12pm on the 6 March and at 19pm on 7 March 2012.  Irish will facilitate teaching and learning Shakespeare.

Dangazele says her inspiration is drawn from “trying to expose what I learn from Wits to the world and what I learn from the world to Wits”. She goes on to say “education is a stepping stone, what you do with it is how you measure success”.

Dangazele appears in many local drama productions, including Hard Copy, Rhythm City and Society.  She has also had presenting roles on children’s programmes such as Take 5 and Iketsetse which means “do-it-yourself” in Zulu.