Braamfontein’s Bannister Hotel bar shut down

The Bannister Hotel in Braamfontein was forced to shut down its bar last night after police found the establishment did not have the required liquor and entertainment licenses.


NO ALCOHOL, NO PARTY: The bar at the Bannister Hotel was left empty after it was found that they did not have the required liquor license. Photo: Queenin Masuabi

A popular student hangout in Braamfontein was closed down yesterday after failing to abide by licensing regulations.

The bar at De Beer Street’s Bannister Hotel was closed down last night following a police inspection. According to one of the barmen working at the hotel, police found the establishment was not in possession of  liquor or entertainment licences.

Patrons who left after the police shut down the bar shortly after 8:30 pm assembled on the street outside to drink and dance.

Rumours dismissed

Initial rumours about the bar being closed because of a stabbing incident have been dismissed by the Bannister Hotel’s staff.

The hotel’s entertainment area opened this morning but no alcohol was sold to patrons.

The Bannister Hotel’s bar is a popular spot among students and is well-known for its good music and affordability.