What is the Qbsta deal?

An exclusive venue that has not been opened officially was the perfect setting for the launch of a new cellphone app and website for the students in Johannesburg.

Qbsta [pronounced: cube-stah] was launched at I-Lounge in Braamfontein.

The app allows students to sign up and get discounts on some of their favourite buys.

Once the founders, Elias Sikazwe and Kyle Porter saw how students reacted to Qbsta, they decided to go national and naturally Gauteng is the starting point.

“The vision for the app is to spread it across the country and keep ahead of the innovation curve and keep improving on what we already have,” said Sizakwe.

Sikazwe said they hoped to keep the app free as long as it is in existence and said this was a non-negotiable for them.

Sikazwe said: “We were once broke students and we realised that students need to get the stuff they want but at a better deal.”

Qbsta Brand Ambassadors

Invited guests were referred to as Supernovas.

Mishka Phillips, marketing assistant at Qbsta, said a Supernova is an explosion of stars that often shines brighter than all other stars in the galaxy.

Phillips said to Qbsta Supernovas are those people who shine brighter than others in their social settings and serve as brand ambassadors for Qbsta.

Neo Leburu, a Supernova from the University of Johannesburg said: “I think this is a really amazing idea.”

Witsie, Itshekeng Kungoane said she thought it was a great idea too.

“I’m very impressed with it. Being able to have discounts saves a lot for students and we are always looking to save.

Porter said they wanted Qbsta to be “frequently useful and convenient, whether we are looking for something to eat, new clothes, entertainment or while out socialising”.

Qbsta launched in Pretoria last month. In Johannesburg students can look forward to deals at places such as Spur, McDonald’s and Liquid Chefs.

The website can be accessed and used from any phone while Android users can already download the app from Google Play Store.

The app is still being developed for Blackberry and Apple.