Student “cheaters” caught red-handed during June exams

Two third year management students were caught for copying during their exam in June.

A person who spoke to Vuvuzela on condition of anonymity said a male student was found with his BlackBerry phone on his lap, with the management notes saved on excel.  The same student allegedly had a similar case in his first year.

 The second male student was caught by an invigilator with squashed paper(s) of management notes on his desk, after about 30 minutes into the exam. Management course co-ordinator, Chris Gallaghan, said he can only speak more about the matter after the hearing. 

“We spend so much time developing [students], it’s like our life… if [only] there was a way for people to sort of develop ethics, values,” Gallaghan said.

Gallaghan said he gives his students massive developmental support, spending his extra time conducting voluntary tutorials. “My door is always open to them.”

Gallaghan said one must keep an open mind about the matter as, at this moment, they are alleged to have been copying.

The legal office is handling the matter as the management department doesn’t have the power to do so.

The legal office said they are not allowed to give any information to the media regarding this matter. It is still processing the case and will give judgment.