10 Must have Spring trends

With the weather warming up so are this year’s Spring/Summer fashion trends. The boho flower power style of the 70s is making a huge comeback not only on the runways but also on the streets of Joburg.

Stay one step ahead with these 10 top Spring/Summer trends.


1. Flowing fringes

This season fringe will be adding movement to everything from kimonos to skirts giving a slightly boho (bohemian) feel to the trend.

Fringe accents on clothing are over 3000 years old and originate from the area that is now Iraq.

This reinvented trend was worn by both men and women, and was even used as a type of signature in clay contracts because of its unique impressions.

But if you want to add a more modern feel to the ancient trend then find fringes on modern silhouettes like tank tops and printed t-shirts.

TanishaH__20150901_IMG_0853 2. Jean genius

This classic wardrobe staple is being seen in dresses, pants, coats and the very on trend overalls.

From shorts to skirts the overalls are helping bring a twist to the traditional dungarees.

The comfy jeans we all love had humble beginnings as durable work pants, made by Levi Strauss in the 1860s.

The blue jeans have seen a revamp with anything any style, length bringing a playful relaxed style to this summer’s big trend.jeans

 3. Kimonos vs Ponchos

This season the poncho takes its inspiration from the traditional South American version with plush fabrics and luxurious colours that can easily be paired with shorts, dresses or even another on point trend-denims.

While its boho counterpart the Kimono will also remain on trend this season with the addition of fringe details to give it the 70s flare.

These looks seem to be here to stay which is not surprising since they date back many centuries to the pre-Inca Peruvian people.


poncho 24. Girly Gingham

As the weather warms up we are moving away from winters plaids to springs classic and girly gingham.

Think iconic fashion moments like Marlyin Monroe’s high-waisted pants, Katharine Hepburn long gingham dress and even Brigitte Bardot who wore the fabric to her wedding.

This season its coming back in unexpected ways with a variety of colours and pattern sizes.

TanishaH__20150901_IMG_07835. 70’s Swing

The 70s are back this season but with a modern twist from culottes, lace-up peasant blouses and all the trends we know from the hippy era.

Subtle hints from such as flared pant silhouettes, maxi dresses, round framed sun glasses and contrasting colour combinations will bring just the right amount of retro revival.

70s6. Summer Suede

Think colored suede, this typically winter trend gets a new spin this season with pops of colour and patchwork.

Suede is a special type of leather that has been processed to give a different texture.

This fashion trend stems from one of the oldest forms of clothing to almost 50 000 years ago, but this summer this ancient material is getting a throwback to the 70s with miniskirts, sandals and handbags.

7. Stylish Stripes

Stripes are expanding from the blue and white nautical theme to a more colourful, multi textured version this season.

This fashion staple has been around for 150 years and was thought to be a symbol of evil.

A French cobbler was rumoured to have put to death for just wearing stripes!!!

Years later and far from the garments of prisoners and clowns, the pattern has become a symbol of chic style with artists like Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol helping to popularize the pattern.

This season we celebrating the stripes in all shape, colours, and sizes.


TanishaH__20150902_IMG_14938. Modern Military Safari

Yes safari…you read correctly. But this trend doesn’t mean that the long kaki socks, vield skoene and camouflage are now gracing the Paris and New York runways.

This spring sees chic lightweight khaki trench coats, dresses, ponchos and accessories taking an urban spin on the season’s adventurous and wild trend.


safari 29. Sultry Shoulders

This season the trend is taking a more modern twist with off-the-shoulder peasant blouses or bold one-shoulder necklines.

The trend dates as far back as the gowns from the mid 1800’s where it emphasized the erogenous zone of the neck and shoulders.

With modern fabrics and the incorporation of the crop top trend this new neckline brings a sultry side to summer.

TanishaH__20150902_IMG_144410. Flower Power

Florals have been a fashion staple since they were created in Asia hundreds of years ago, but this seasons prints won’t be the same old tired wallflowers.

The trend sees power blooms with bold prints and vibrant colours to give a fresh yet feminine spin to traditional petal prints.




Umswenko: Vintage Wear

“Fashion changes, but style endures” –  Coco Chanel

Vintage clothing is one of the most popular trends in Braamfontein. This look is bold and is definitely not for the not for the faint-hearted because it involves taking fashion risks.

Mary Scholes


Mary is wearing a classic shirt and high waist black pants. She pairs her look with black court shoes and adds colour to her look with a red leather jacket which she bought in Namibia. She loves the jacket because it is “soft and feels good on the skin”.

She describes her style as “old-fashioned but smart”. This look suits the Wits director of postgraduate studies as it keeps a good balance of power and femininity.


Joshua Heim


Joshua is wearing a white shirt and blue, fitted blazer. He pairs this with skinny jeans which flatter his tall stature. His brown formal shoes and spectacles give him a classic look. This gamer describes his style as “stylish, free and earthy”. This look will definitely be a hit with the ladies this Women’s Month.

Umswenko: Celebrating women in fashion

by Queenin Masuabi and Litaletu Zidepa

This week we are celebrating women and how they express themselves through their different styles. Women like pop star Rihanna, television personality Bonang Matheba and former ELLE magazine editor Jackie Burger have continued to influence for young women.

“Give a girl shoes and she can conquer the world”- Marilyn Monroe


Nandipha Patience Mangisana

Nandipha is wearing a black crop top, leggings and a kimono to keep her warm from the nippy Autumn breeze. Her main accessory is her black hat which has been a popular trend for both men and women. To add some colour she is wearing red and black platform shoes.

She explains her style as “sexy with a click of vintage”. When asked about going bra-less, she says that she is “embracing her nipples”


Takalani Mawela

Takalani is sporting a grey woollen dress paired with a black corduroy jacket. Her olive Nike Roshe sneakers compliment her colourful socks perfectly. She accessorises with a light brown scarf and a yellow bag. Although purple braids are in trend, in her case it was simply an honest mistake (she bought the wrong colour).

This second-year BA student describes her style as “street, punky and easy-going.”