What do the students want?

Students taking part in the #FeesMustFall protest have outlined internal lists of demands by students.


Student leaders at the universities have called for campuses shutdown in response to the announcement made by the higher education minister, Dr Blade Nzimande, earlier last week that there will be a tuition fee increase in 2017.

REVOLUTION: Wits students protest march towards the Chamber of Mines to hand over a memorandum of demands. Photo: Nokuthula Zwane

REVOLUTION: Wits students protest march towards the Chamber of Mines to hand over a memorandum of demands.                                                                                                                           Photo: Nokuthula Zwane

However the proposed 8% fee increase was not well accepted by the students who have demanded free education.
Wits University, University of Cape Town (UCT), University of Pretoria, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, University of Limpopo, University of Johannesburg and Tshwane University of Technology are among the higher education institutions that are experiencing protest action.
Students taking part in the #FeesMustFall protest have outlined internal lists of demands by students.
The common thing that the students are proposing is no financial exclusion of any student at the education institutions, free quality, and decolonising education to students. The students further suggest that the universities must commit to clearance of all the historical debt of the students including the release of all degrees withheld due to fees outstanding.
Safety is still a concern to students. All students across the universities demand the removal of all private security on campuses. They demand that the police must be unarmed on campuses and no legal action should be taken against students who were suspended while participating in the current protest.
Transformation seems to be one of the key issues among other demands. The UCT students suggest that the university needs to look into a class discrimination policy, in conjunction with students, so as to ensure that only those who do not have the financial status to be in private accommodation are accommodated in the residence system.
The workers and students have expressed solidarity and they demand that there should be protection against victimisation for workers participating in protests and they must not be subject to any disciplinary action for partaking in the protest.
The UCT students are demanding that there should be a transparent and consistent insourcing process that includes students as active participants in the process.
Students proposed that accommodation fees should not be paid upfront at residences and students should be allowed to move in upon registration. Wits students have also demanded that residence fees must not increase.
“We will not stop until the ANC delivers on the promises it made 21 years ago,” said Kefentse Mkhari, incoming Wits SRC president.




Wits Lady Bucks to play in the semi-finals

Wits Lady Bucks ready to play in the semi-finals.


THE Wits Lady Bucks Basketball team has qualified for the semi-finals of Gauteng University Basketball League. The Lady Bucks will be playing against  (UJ) Galaxy on Sunday to fight for a spot in the finals.

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Some of the Wits Lady Bucks warming up.       Photo: Wendy Mothata

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Some of the Wits Lady Bucks warming up.
                                                                                                                      Photo: Wendy Mothata

This follows Lady Bucks’ journey which started with a loss to Vaal University of Technology last week before picking up in their subsequent matches against North West University and Wits Bucks Ladies.

As the ladies prepare for the encounter, captain Modiegi Mokoka said the team is more concerned with its mental readiness ahead of a “harsh physical play UJ tends to bring forth in games. “
Mokoka outlined that the team needs to overcome fatigue and push on in an aggressive environment.

“The biggest challenge has been remaining cohesive as a team because of the nature of the academic schedule all the students are currently facing. We’ve gone through games without particular players on and off, which means that the team will have to constantly adjust to the manner in which we play each game,” Mokoka said.

The Lady Bucks have been reaching the semi-finals since 2011. “It’s nothing special honestly, we’re quite accustomed to being in the semi-finals, so this is the last step to what actually makes us nervous – which is the final itself,” said Mokoka.

Mokoka said that she is confident that the team will win the game. “We will definitely win the semi and play the league final in October. It’s truly a choice left up to our team at this point. We are a stronger team,” she said.




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HOCKEY: Wits 1st team women suffer a 6-1 defeat to UJ

BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD: Wits coach (kneeling down) Pietie Coetzee strategizing a new plan

BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD: Wits coach (kneeling down) Pietie Coetzee strategizing a new plan after the third quarter of the game. UJ was leading with 3-0.                                                        Photo: Nqobile Dludla

The Wits first team women’s side faced an unfortunate 6-1 defeat to University of Johannesburg (UJ) on Saturday in the UJ vs Wits Hockey Derby at UJ Hockey Astro.

The friendly match was aimed at assessing the team’s pre-season performance ahead of the much anticipated Varsity Sport Hockey tournament and Southern Gauteng Hockey premier league.

Commenting on the team’s performance, Wits coach Pietie Coetzee agreed that she was “expecting a really tough game” but didn’t expect the game to be that one sided.

“I don’t think that the scoreline was really necessary, I think we can be much better than that so that’s something we should control better.”

“The match I think went really well for us in the first half because we managed to achieve a few of our objects that we set out. To control certain phases of the game which we did very well. After the the first half we basically took our foot off the pedal a bit and they came hard at us and scored all 5 of their goals in the second half.” said Coetzee.

Tough game for Wits

It was hard-fought from the outset, with an even battle in the first half meaning that scoring opportunities were few and far between.

“After the the first half we basically took our foot off the pedal a bit and they came hard at us.”

The home side came out guns blazing in the first quarter with clean short quick passes which were a bit of a challenge for Wits who focused on long passes.

Wits created a few early chances, but UJ scrambled well on defence and as a result made a few counter-attacking runs.

UJ opened the scoring against Wits 9 minutes into the game, leaving Wits falling behind with a 1-0 scoreline.

UJ threatened to score two more goals after wining short corners but UJ’s Taren Malleit slammed the ball straight to Wits’ goalkeeper’s feet.

UJ extended their lead to 2-0 when Marizen Marais scored in the last 4 minutes of the 3rd quarter.

Just when Wits was still dealing with the previous blow, UJ came back again with Claire Frey receiving a square pass from Nika Nel,slamming a 3-0 lead.

The Wits side could not take advantage of a short corner in the 4th quarter resulting in a goalless attempt that was quickly deflected by UJ’s goalkeeper Robyn Ormond.

The home side continued to dominate the last quarter when two goals left the score at 5-0 to UJ.

Wits finally responded with just 5 minutes left. A perfect shot from Toni Marks assisted by Londeka Dlamini and Nicole Fyrie, leaving the score at 5-1.

While Wits was still celebrating a goal, UJ ended the fight with a 6-1 scoreline.

Score update:





HOCKEY: Varsity Hockey champs UJ beat Wits 5-2


MEN IN THE BOX: Wits first team men's side prepares for a short corner taken by UJ in the first half. Photo: Nqobile Dludla

MEN IN THE BOX: Wits first team men’s side prepares for a short corner taken by UJ in the first half.                                                                                                                                                          Photo: Nqobile Dludla

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) 1st team men came up top in the UJ vs Wits Hockey Derby friendly tournament with a clinical 5-2 victory over Wits on Saturday at UJ Hockey Astro.

UJ wasted no time when the first half began as they showed Wits why they clinched the 2014 Varsity Hockey title.

UJ’s midfield ace Taylor Dart threatened to take UJ into the lead just 2 minutes into the game when his square cross from Brandon Panther was deflected by Wits’ goalkeeper Xander van Biljoen.

Another chance came from UJ’s Gareth Heyns who smacked a hopeful shot from the quarter line, but van Biljoen was too quick for his confident attempt.

With UJ dominating the first half with ball possession, Wits finally applied pressure in the back and moved the ball up past the center line and inside UJ’s D. However after much fight Wits’ Jon Haughton lost what could have been a lead goal for Wits when his advance was quickly stolen from him.

Panther quickly raced down and smacked the ball inside the top corner to send the home crowd into wild celebrations with a 1-0 lead to UJ 5 minutes into the game.

A wasted corner by UJ could have sent the fast paced men into a 2-0 lead, however Nic Rowe failed to stop the ball outside the top D.

After two more wasted chances, UJ’s Gerald Mpopo calmly pushed the ball between van Biljoen’s legs to send the hosts into a 2-0 lead.

Wits tried to redeem themselves in the last 6 minutes of the first half when upon winning a short corner, Jordi Sanders’ attempt was deflected by UJ’s goalkeeper Mattew Martins. A second chance for Wits came from Dylan Murray as he smacked a powerful shot that went wide of the post.

It was only in the last dying minutes that Wits started applying more pressure and equalized ball possession, but UJ held out well and took their two-goal lead into halftime.

Wits coming back strong in the second half

UJ had more powerplay at the start of the 2nd half as they attacked Wits in an attempt to take the game way beyond their traditional foe. Heyns slammed a goal, taking the hosts to a 3-0 lead after UJ won their second short corner.

Wits finally pulled back one showing plenty of fighting spirit when Haughton scored a goal, leaving the score at 3-1 to UJ.

After a failed attempt from a third short corner, Bryon Cleak responded with a 4-1 goal by pushing up-field and taking the ball into the Wits D and flicking it inside the right corner of the post.

It didn’t take long for Wits to respond when a hopeful short corner taken by Sean Donaldson went straight to Sanders who sent one in, leaving the score at 4-2 to UJ.

The Varsity Hockey champs extended their lead with just 1 minute left when a goal was scored before the game ended. Although Wits were able to pull 2 back, it was not enough to avoid defeat as the game finished 5-2 to UJ.

Score update:


SOCCER: Wits men lose to neighbours UJ

The Wits Football Club Men’s side suffered a blow after losing 1-0 to the University of Johannesburg (UJ) on Tuesday evening.

The winning goal was struck by Lindani Mazibuko after a set piece that had been awarded to UJ due to an unfair tackle on one of their players in the first 35 minutes of the game.

The first match of the University Sport South Africa (USSA) Gauteng Football League saw UJ dominating in the first half of the game. UJ head coach Bradley Carnell explained it was a “calculated approach from the team” to ensure that they play well enough to win the first game of the season.

The combination of Treasure Dlamini, Tshepo Tolo, Sadro Claro and Tebogo Mandy made for entertaining viewing as they attacked the Wits defense coming from the left side of the park in the first half of the match.

With the beginning of the second half, the game seemed to even out with both teams attacking equally.

Wits pushed forward with a good offense but missed a few goal chances.

“They will improve as in the last 15 mins the boys were starting to cramp and stuff so not really lack of fitness but really lack real competitive match fitness.”

The Wits combination of Ayanda Makua and Gift Baloyi kept the pressure on the opposition’s defense, but UJ rose to the occasion by ensuring that Wits could not break them down completely.

In a counter attack at 50 minutes, Dlamini missed two perfect scoring opportunities in order to extend their lead by hitting the crossbar and side bar in less than a minute.

The last 20 minutes of the game saw Wits attacking UJ steadily but despite the team’s efforts and the fans’ singing, the match ended 1-0.

Wits coach Karabo Mogudi acknowledged that UJ had been playing in other competitive tournaments and that gave them an advantage in Tuesday’s game.

Mogudi added that Wits failed to achieve a competitive edge due to a lack of “real competitive match fitness”.

The Wits women’s and men’s teams are set to play against the Tshwane University of Technology on the 17th of March 2015 at Bidvest Stadium. Kickoff is at 6:30pm and 8:30pm.


Wits FC Women’s side net in a draw to UJ

The Wits Football Club Women’s side conceded three points after they drew 1-1 against neighbours, University of Johannesburg (UJ) in their first match of this season’s USSA (University Sport South Africa) Gauteng Football League, on Tuesday evening at the Bidvest Stadium.

Talia Swartbooi’s goal for UJ sent a wakeup call to a sleepy Wits who tried desperately to push forward in  the second half.

A chance for Wits came in the 60th minute when Paballo Rantseuoa’s shot landed in the hands of Christa Kgamphe.

Wits tried for a rebound when goalie Kgamphe lost balance, but was not quick enough for Nonkosi Twayise who charged from behind the goal keeper and stopped Rantseuoa’s second attempt.

A UJ handball and a free kick gave Wits their equalizer scored by Linah Maphanga in the 76th minute.

UJ dominated the ball possession but fast-paced UJ strikers Presocious Motabologa and Molemo Mashego squandered the chance to break the deadlock.

A second chance in the dying minutes of the second half came from UJ’s Zanele Sukazi whose shot missed the post by an inch.

A notable new striker in the Wits side, Siphesihle Zungu, almost scored a second goal but was stopped short without support from her mid-fielders who were staggering at the back.

Wits assistant coach Jabulile Baloyi agreed that her girls were “sitting far too back” in their own half but was nonetheless impressed by the performance despite not being able to get enough time to do pre-season training.

“A draw with our neighbours whom we know have so much experience in their squad and we have a couple of first years in our squad is impressive, so I’m quite impressed with the squad,” said Baloyi.

Both Wits and UJ walked away with a point each on the log, placing the former at 6th place and the latter at 5th place.

The Wits women’s and men’s teams are set to play against the Tshwane University of Technology on the 17th of March 2015 at Bidvest Stadium. Kickoff is at 6:30pm and 8:30pm.




SOCCER: Wits FC Women’s side looking to attack this season

The Wits Football Club Women’s side is hoping to win against the University of Johannesburg ahead of tomorrow’s encounter at the Bidvest Wits Stadium.



CLASH OF THE NEIGHBOURS : L-R Wits FC’s Mid-Fielder Linah Maphanga and University of Johannesburg’s striker Molemo Mashigo at the USSA (University Sport South Africa) Gauteng Football League launch, which took place last Tuesday at UJ Soweto Campus.                                                                                Photo: Nqobile Dludla


Wits Football Club (FC) Women’s side coach Dennis Tshabalala emphasised the need to play attacking football against University of Johannesburg (UJ) Women’s side when the two sides meet at the Bidvest Wits Stadium on Tuesday night.

Speaking to Wits Vuvuzela, Tshabalala said: “The way we attack will be different tomorrow as it has (sic) been the area which we had to solve and I am confident we will score 1 or 2 goals tomorrow.”

Wits FC will be looking to return to this season’s USSA (University Sport South Africa) Gauteng Football League looking to qualify for the USSA Football Championships.

The team finished in fifth position last year with 11 points while UJ made it into the semi-finals of the USSA Gauteng qualifiers and finished third with 22 points.

Commenting on last season’s performance, Tshabalala said one of the positives was, “that we did not concede a lot of goals which meant defensively we were reasonably okay.” Tshabalala agreed that the team faced challenges with scoring against the top four teams.

Despite UJ finishing the season with more points than Wits FC, Tshabalala is confident that his team is “ready and have worked hard at dealing with any form of threat that they may pose.”

“Mentally we would need to be strong as this would put us ahead of UJ. [In terms of] Physical fitness we will be on par with them and we will compete”, said Tshabalala.

With three players from last season gone, Wits FC women’s side has six new players who according to Tshabalala will be adding more value to the team.

“To bridge the gap, we will work strategically at training to ensure the quick transition of the new players to blend in with the squad. There are six players who have joined us which would change how we attack (sic). We will have a different approach of attack (sic) this year which would ensure scoring more goals”, said Tshabalala.

Ahead of tomorrow’s encounter, Tshabalala said Wits supporters can expect “Great football with goals.”

Students flaunt it all on social media

UJ chicks show more booty and are more “free spirited” than Wits chicks. Sound like a stereotype? One look at the Facebook page, Wits chicks versus UJ chicks, adds some real meat to the stereotypes of “hot” women.

Girls post pictures of themselves in crop tops, sports bras and pleather pants which hug the thighs and accentuate the booty.

Female students from the University of Johannesburg (UJ) post the most girls on the Facebook page. Slindelo Mbatha, a 3rd year student from UJ, says she thinks female students do not treat their body as a temple and that it is an incorrect way to represent women.

“My body is my pride so there’s no way I can post naked pictures on Facebook, hell no. I think it’s slut-ish, nje,” she says.

New and Social Media lecturer at Wits Journalism, Dinesh Balliah, says employers look into social media profiles because people are more free about who they are, so employers want to be sure whom they are associated with.

“When someone sees a picture of you drunk that is something that they attach to you and that is what they think you are,” she says.

online 2

BRINGING SEXY BACK: A student flaunts it all on the “Wits vs. UJ chicks” Facebook page to compete with other girls for the “hottest” in varsity title.

A 1st year student from UJ, Livhu Mukhondo, thinks it is disgraceful to show your body in public because it gives off the wrong impression.

“It’s degrading, it misinterprets us in a false manner. As if showing skin is all there is about us, there is more to our content,” Mkhondo says.

While social networks are platforms to express yourself and a place to network amongst friends, the extent to which one is willing to share themselves is starting to tarnish their identity.

Female stereotypes in the media continue to thrive especially when it comes to self-identity and body image. Somehow young women feel as though they have to live up to the way they are defined by media.

Tafadzwa Samu, 3rd year at UJ, thinks there are better ways to show a woman’s “hotness” and beauty besides flashing boobs and butt because it is degrading.

“It is totally unacceptable and I think it is slutty … and disrespectful to your body,” he says.

Samu says more UJ girls are more willing to post pictures of themselves in sports bras and hot pants compared to Wits girls because they are more free-spirited.

Balliah said the definitions of what is considered private have changed because social media was initially platforms which connected people who know each other. However, it has developed to connect organisations, big corporations and people who do not know each other.

“You need to be very prudent about the choices you make and what you are sharing online,” she says.


Three attempted kidnappings outside Wits University in last two weeks

Reports have emerged of three attempted kidnappings just outside Wits University over the last two weeks.

In the latest incident, a female student was nearly forced into a red vehicle by unknown assailants in a botched abduction.

Wits Vuvuzela spoke with Lucky Khumela, Campus Control’s security and liaison manager, and he confirmed that that the incident happened on Jan Smuts Avenue, close to the Jorrisen Street entrance to east campus.

[pullquote]“I don’t want a repeat of what happened at UJ to happen at Wits.” [/pullquote]

The victim was unable to identify the assailants but confirmed that they had tried to force her into their car.

Khumela made it clear that “there is truth to this” and these reports are not just speculation or rumour.

“I don’t want a repeat of what happened at UJ (University of Johannesburg) to happen at Wits.” Khumela said. Khumela was referring to the recent kidnapping of a UJ student who was found safe after a ransom demand last week.

He emphasised that students need to be vigilant on and off campus.

Yesterday Khumela tweeted off the Campus Control account (@WitsSecurity): “ABDUCTION: with rumours of attempted abduction outside the Campus, this office appeal to anyone with relevant information to come forward.”

No responses have yet been received but Khumela urged students with information to come forward as soon as possible.

Anyone with information can approach a Campus Control office or call them on: (011) 717-4444.

WITH VIDEO: Wits ladies long for revenge

Wits ladies football coach,  Jabulile Baloyi, believes that in 2014 her team will conquer their demons. That includes, even if only incidentally, avenging Wits Rugby’s crushing loss to University of Johannesburg (UJ) last night.

With both round and oval balls, Wits’ teams have struggled against their orange-clad neighbours, making a trip to Kingsway Avenue a traumatic one for any Witsie with an ounce of kudu blood in their veins.

Baloyi’s ladies lost home and away to UJ in the 2013 Gauteng Football League (GFL) including a 5-0 drubbing at home, and consequently failed to qualify for national play-offs.

The coach is confident though that things will go differently this year. The former Banyana Banyana vice-captain said she would be pushing her “talented” team harder this year in search of silverware, and the pride that comes with it.

Many Witsies are almost certainly relishing a rare opportunity for bragging rights, in any sporting code, whatever the shape of the ball, against our local nemesis.