Two Wits library employees survive route training as van overturns

A campus library van overturned after climbing two stairs and hitting garden rocks when the driver lost control of the vehicle on Monday morning.

The driver of the Waternweiler library van that overturned near Old Mutual Sports Hall survived with minor injuries. Mailing assistant Brian Sithole suffered minor injuries to his right shoulder and had a bleeding middle finger on his left hand.  He didn’t see the need to go to hospital.

Sithole, was undergoing training for the route with college and trainee library admin assistant, Themba Shabalala. Shabalala was unhurt. The van overturned on the driver’s side when Sithole panicked while rolling down a steep hill towards a boom gate.

Shabalala said the driver pushed the accelerator instead of the brake pedal and lost control of the van.

 “I couldn’t turn the steering wheel, it locked itself,” Sithole said.

Sithole said he was confused and a little bit shocked after the van overturned. The two library drivers were doing their daily routine from Cullen Library to Engineering Library. They were rescued by two garden services staff members, who pulled them from the passenger door.