LISTICLE: Meals for under R25 on campus

As a student you may not always have money to splurge on an expensive meal. Here is a list of meals that you can get for under R25 on campus.

1. Kara Nicha’s has always had affordable Indian food, which is why you can get a Biryani tub with a dhal, chutney and Cooee for only R11.00 at the matrix.

Biryani Tub and Cooee from Kara Nichas. Photo: Dana Da Silva

CURRY TUB: If you love Indian food, then Kara Nicha’s has a biryani tub and cooee that will cost you R11.00. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

2. Fight the cold this winter with warm and fresh pies from Theo’s, priced at R16.90 in senate house. Available flavours include sausage, cornish, mutton curry and spare ribs to name a few.

Theo's Pies

WARM AND FRESH: Fight off the winter cold with Theo’s hot pies. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

3. Located at the matrix, Students Corner provides a combination and weight based meals that you can get for under R25.00. For example, you can get a piece of chicken (which costs R7 per 100g) with a side of rice (R4.67) or a plain dumpling (R6.36).

Sizzlers pap and fillet.

EXTRA HOT: You can order pap and fillet as well as a variety of other meals at Sizzlers as extra hot. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

4. Sizzlers also have a couple of meals for under R25.00 at the matrix and on west campus. You can get pap and fillet for R22.00, a hotdog for R18.00 and a polony sandwich for R21.00. Available in mild, hot and for the very brave, extra hot.

Chesa Nyama russian and mini chips. Photo: Dana Da Silva

BRAAI FIX: If you’re looking for good old grilled foods you can get a russian and mini chips at Chesa Nyama. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

5. The Chinese Lantern has a variety of noodles that you can get for R22.00 at the matrix. Portions are large enough to share between two and some of the choices available are pork, chicken, beef vegetable and calamari.

FOR TWO: Chinese Lantern sweet and sour pork as well as its other noodles can be a large enough portion to share. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

FOR TWO: Chinese Lantern sweet and sour pork as well as its other noodles can be a large enough portion to share. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

6. If you feel like having some braai meat you can get a Russian and Mini Chips for R18.00 as well as Chesa Wors and Chesa Maize Fries for the same price at Chesa Nyama at the matrix.

COMBO MEAL: If you feel like combining your own meals, why not go to Students corner and get meals such as this chicken and rice. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

COMBO MEAL: If you feel like combining your own meals, why not go to Students corner and get meals such as this chicken and rice. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

7. The Zesti Lemonz, on route to west campus, has some of the best pizza on campus. You can get chicken and mushroom, margarita and mexican slices for R23.00. It may seem like a bit much but they are larger than regular slices so you get a big bite for your money.

Mexican pizza sile

PIZZA PARTY: Zesti Lemonz slices, such as this mexican pizza, are some of the best on campus. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

8. If you feel as if you have a little more money to splurge then why not get a meal from Olives and Plates at the Wits Arts Museum (WAM)? They change their menu daily but  an sample plate of what is on offer includes gourmet meatball, coucous and some lemon potatoes. Just remember they do it by weight and to keep it below R25 you will have to opt for a small portion.

Olives and Plates gourmet meatball, couscous and mash

GOURMET MENU: Olives and Plates changes their menus daily; you can get meals such as a gourmet meatball, couscous and mash. Photo: Dana Da Silva.

Wits nightshift isn’t mahala

By Pheladi Sethusa and Ray Mahlaka

WITS Campus Control security guards allege they are owed about R40 000 each in their night shift allowance payment.Three Campus Control security complained to Wits Vuvuzela that they had not received increases for night shift allowances since 2002, despite working seven days a week for 12 hours a day. This amounts to about R40 000 per guard.

[pullquote align=”right”]“There is no indication that the night shift allowance increase will materialise”[/pullquote]

The security guards want a night shift increase of R400-500 per month, to their current monthly salary which they say ranges between R4000- R5 000. The security guards said they only received R190 per month for night shift allowance.

“There is no indication that the night shift allowance increase will materialise. Every time we ask the head of security, they say they cannot comment. The money for the night shift allowance is too low,” a security guard said.

Payment received

At a meeting last week Prof Tawana Kupe, deputy vice chancellor of Finance and Operations, showed Wits Vuvuzela evidence of the payment of nightshift allowances via workers’ payslips. He said all Campus Control workers were accounted for.

However, unionist Billy Cebekhulu, the treasurer of Nehawu said a report was commissioned by Wits management to look into night shift increases. While the report is done the issue is that the findings are not yet public .

Cebekhulu said: “We were told the person has been hired [to look into night shift remuneration] and there will be a report. We have not seen it and we are still awaiting a report. The night shift issue is a concern to us.”

We want our money

A third security guard said they are owed at least R40 000 in night shift allowance increases per person from 2002. He said they want the money before December.

[pullquote]“I’m not saying there isn’t a problem, I want to know what their problem is”[/pullquote] Nehawu said that in 2009 it took the university to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) to resolve night shift disputes at the institution.

However, Kupe said during his eight month tenure as DVC, he was not aware of a CCMA case as there might have been a settlement.

Kupe said perhaps the nightshift allowances are not increased like salaries, “not everything is subject to an increase,” he added.

FILE PHOTO: A Wits security guard is pictured on duty earlier this year. Photo: Mfuneko Toyana
FILE PHOTO: A Wits security guard is pictured on duty earlier this year. Photo: Mfuneko Toyana

“I’m not saying there isn’t a problem, I want to know what their problem is,” said Kupe.

Cebekhulu said the problem with the nightshift allowances was that before 2009, the allowances were being taken off their basic salaries at cost to company. Cost to company is the amount a company pays employees before any deductions, meaning that any benefits would be charged off of one’s salary.

“We have been paid with our own money,” said a distraught Cebekhulu.

In 2009 it was agreed that a R150 increase on the nightshift allowances would be granted, which meant that the R150 would be a separate entity, that wasn’t at cost to company.

The union and workers want to be remunerated for the years in which the nightshift allowance was taken off their salaries.

Hide and seek

Chairperson of Nehawu Wits Richard Sadiki said there was “a hide and seek on management’s side” in not addressing night shift concerns.

One disgruntled guard said: “We work hard and we can’t afford to take care our family (sic). We are being ripped off.  We should be paid more and we guard the university 24 hours, but there is no thanks from the university. We are doing our level best to make students safe, but the employer is not grateful.”

Security guards also complain of a lack of security guards on West campus.

According to a security guard, there are only three guards at West campus, from the nine hired in 1993.

Kupe said that having more staff on campus would not help to prevent crime on campus, “we don’t need more guards”. He felt we needed students to behave morally and justly towards each other, he felt.

[pullquote align=”right”]”We should be paid more and we guard the university 24 hours, but there is no thanks from the university”[/pullquote]

Rob Kemp, Director of Campus Control denied allegations that nightshift staff were not paid their allowance. “The allowance has not fallen away and still active. The allowance is a requirement in terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act,” he said.


Xoxo – Gossip Girl!

“Gossip Girl” has left the lavish penthouses of New York’s Upper East Side to wreak havoc on our very own West Campus.
On April 13, a number of people noticed that they were being followed on twitter by a user with the handle @WestGG.

This is how they first got wind of Wits’ own gossip girl.She then became active the very next day, sending out tweets containing very personal information about the people she followed.

“She insinuated that I was dating one of my close friends, who was actually in another relationship at the time. It was very childish,” said Yandani Bashman, 4th year LLB.

“GG also taunted an individual about their sexual orientation which is extremely sensitive stuff, so in that regard it can get really hurtful,” said a person who did not want to be named.

Tweeters mobilised to report the account as spam so gossip girl could be suspended, to which the account replied, “you can report me as spam if you wish, but you know I’ll keep coming back.”

Twitter policy does not allow for users to carry abusive content in their tweets. Violating this rule could lead to the suspension of an account.
After being suspended once, gossip girl created a new account under the name @westcampusgg. This account didn’t last long either but was around long enough to cause a stir in the rumour mill.Tweeters again responded by marking her tweets as spam. But all the spam reports couldn’t keep her down as she started a new account for a third time on April 16.

“I felt that it was extremely juvenile but it had the potential to ruin people’s relationships and caused a deep level of distrust within circles of friends,” said one of the account’s most tweeted victims, Livhuwani Makungo, 3rd year BCom Marketing.
“She/he seemed to focus her/his (tweets) on my previous relationship claiming that I was unfaithful and slanderous as if it was a form of retribution. All allegations made against me were false,” said Makungo.

Gossip girl had a lot to say about a past relationship that Makungo had been in. In her tweets she tagged his previous girlfriend and the girls she claims he cheated with.“For the most part I laughed and brushed it off but I did worry about how it affected those who were implicated,” Makungo said.

“Her tweets were out of hand and unnecessary. Whoever is behind the account must just come forward and explain themselves,” said Bashman. He added that there was speculation about who might be behind the account but he believes that there are a number of people responsible for the tweeting.
Another person, who did not want to be named, said they believed the person behind the account must be someone they all know on a very personal level, especially because of the level of information the West Campus gossip girl had access to.


Long walk to the ATMs

The Law Students Council [LSC] has started a petition drive to obtain as many signatures from students to get an ATM installed on West Campus.

The abrupt closure of the O-Village restaurant on West Campus earlier this year has not only left the campus quiet, but it has also deprived west campus students of an ATM.

Yusuf Peer, President of the Law Students Council (LSC) says they decided to start the petition drive after students from Commerce, Law and Management faculty and some staff members were unhappy with having to walk to the Matrix to use ATMs.

 Peer says, “It’s quite cumbersome on students having to rush to East Campus all the time particularly with purchasing from the shops and print. We just felt that it’s a huge inconvenience for us students to be rushing to East [Campus], especially with the limited time between lectures. We heard that Education Campus had this problem and the previous SRC managed to resolve [it], although there are legal problems there at the moment.”

Last year’s SRC held a hunger strike outside the Vice-Chancellor’s office (?) in a campaign for the installation of an ATM at the Education Campus, subsequent to which  an FNB ATM was installed at the Cafeteria on the Park town campus.

But earlier this year, the ATM was removed, allegedly because of legal complications surrounding the installation of the ATM there.

The current SRC is in full support of the LSC’s petition, although they admit management may be reluctant to consider the idea

“We think it’s necessary because if students feel they want an ATM and they’ve had it before then why should they not have one? “, said SRC Vice President Internal, Itumeleng Mafatshe.

She admitted the SRC is still working towards the re-installation of the Education campus ATM and they need to get the legal requirements  right so that they can ensure that  an ATM on West Campus will not be removed?

Getting the ATM approved by university management will be a challenge,- and the biggest obstacle, Mafatshe says, is identifying a suitable location for the proposed ATM on West Campus.

“We have  advised the [LSC] to, in line with their call for an ATM,  to suggest  that  O-village  be re-opened, as there was  an ATM there previously”, explains Mafatshe The LSC are distributing the petitions to classes on West Campus and the West Campus residences at the reception desks. Any students interested in signing the petition can visit the LSC office, number 2 at the School of Law,or contact LSC Grievances Officer, Klaas Mokgomole on 076 209 0192