Gaming the institution

Wits is publishing three games that profiles the institution. The games were produced by Game Design students as part of a project that aims to promote Wits to prospective students thoruearning about the university in a critical, yet fun way.

Wits_Game_Playtests_0346ed_wb (1)

GOOD GAME: Wits Game Design students testing one of the three games created to promote and profile Wits University. Photo: Provided

Prospective Witsies will soon learn about the university through gaming. Students of Game Design at Wits University have created three games to profile and promote the institution.

The idea was that of Wits Vice Chancellor (VC) Professor Adam Habib, who personally initiated the project after asking the senior Games Design students to think of out-of-the-box games to promote Wits, early last year.

“The students have gone above and beyond the call of duty to create games that look at Wits in a really cheeky, but fun way,” said Game Design lecturer, Hanli Geyser.

The purpose of the game is to inform prospective students about Wits with honest student driven views and ideas of Wits, said Geyser.

The Vice Chancellor and his marketing team were said to be very impressed with all three groups’ games and promised to publish all three, despite the initial commitment to only publish one.

“When the teams of third-year students were able to create and develop these games with limited resources, experience and knowledge, we were very impressed,” said Wits marketing manager, Ferna Clarkson.

The project was made part of the students’ course work and they were marked accordingly. The initiative will be a recurring project for third-year students, but will not always be focussed on Wits, said Geyser.

Although this project is an assignment for the students, which gave them the experience to work for a client and get published, the VC has insisted on giving the students a letter of service and a token of gratitude for their hard work.

The games will be released on the Wits website on May 9, with the hope to release at least one game on mobile platforms later this year.