Guy Buttery, with only his guitar and an unassuming, easy-going attitude, transformed music into something more than just sound at the Wits theatre on Saturday night.

The audience could almost reach out and touch the notes he played. Through his energy and personality his message came across as clear as any motion picture.

Without words, Guy told a story that transcended all social boundaries. There is little doubt anyone left after the show without having experienced something deeply profound.

Guy has performed with legends like Nibs van der Spuy and Arno Carstens, as well as The Violent Femmes and Jethro Tull. Buttery has played in major festivals around the world but a spur-of-the-moment jam session in Morocco stands out for him.

He couldn’t speak their language, and the Moroccans couldn’t speak English but they played together anyway.

“It was [a] very humbling [experience] and I’ll never forget it.”

Buttery had an amazing 2010, winning numerous awards, including a South African Music Award for best instrumental record. He also signed a contract with one of the UK’s premier guitar-makers, Roger Bucknall.

However, Buttery says he will not put too much pressure on himself in 2011.

“I just like to take it day-by-day…If anything the success of last year has had a positive impact on my career”

Guy’s album “Fox Hill Lane” is out now.