ONE of the perks of being a Witsie is being surrounded by some of Joburg`s coolest restaurants, clubs and bars.

But recently some regular Witsie hotspots have shut down, without much detail regarding their closures.

It seems that the sidewalk cafes of Melville still get a lot of business from students, especially from that high school down the road, but venues such as Pantsula Bites, Club Inc and the Cappello in Newtown used to be flooded with Witsies.

If one were to take a stroll just two streets down from Senate House to Juta Street, you would find the doors of Club Inc locked and looking like a mere shadow of the glitzy club it used to be. The once celebrity-favoured lounge has made known no public information about why it shut down.

Taking a left, a right and another left to Bertha Street, you will see a Pantsula Bites sign in front of a new restaurant. Pantsula Bites was a favourite with Witsies and used for both birthday and graduation parties.

Zoo Lake Bowls Club, affectionately known as ‘Bowls’ is a Joburg landmark, bringing Witsies old and young together on any given Friday or Saturday to enjoy great food and drinks at a bargain.

Reports surfaced last year that Bowls will be shut down this year, but the City of Joburg Property Company has confirmed that Bowls will not be closed – yet.

Vuvuzela did not receive confirmation about the reasons for the closure of Club Inc or Pantsula Bites at the time of going to print.

Vuvuzela wants to know where Witsies are hanging out. Let us know where you and your group of friends are spending your after-class hours and what popular venues are out there for Witsies